Saturday, April 06, 2013

Emerging Service Worker Redux

OK... it got the best o' me, so I went back and redid the quiz, punching in values from my salad days.  This is the result:

Ya know what this tells me?  First... I'm the personification of that "downwardly mobile in retirement" phenomenon.  Next up: cat food, if trends are to be believed.  Second... the quiz is obviously skewed in ways that are impossible to ascertain, on account o' because there's NO fucking way I could ever be in an "elite" category.  Granted, we led a rather privileged and comfortable life when we were working.  That said, we lead a life today that's not wanting in any category... be it material or metaphysical or social, or any other thing you can think of.

My bottom line?  A pox on surveys, any and all.


  1. I think I had surmised much the the same, but without your eloquence.

    What comes to mind now is this was created by some journalist, who really has no clue how to run a real survey...
    ...and if it was a real survey, nobody would do it because it would be too redious.

    1. The Beeb claims the survey was developed with the help of leading social scientists, or words to that effect. I'm pretty sure I could get better results down at the pub.

  2. Me, I don't give a damn what class people think I am. I'm happy just as I am.

  3. Elite here as well. Not sure what it means cuz I don't feel or behave like the "elite", at least as we think of them.

  4. Elite. Don't feel that way but we have plenty.

  5. Kris & Darryl: My feelings, zactly.


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