Tuesday, March 05, 2013


There's this in the "who gives a big rat's ass" department...

I took the vid from an article in Wired, which says, in part:
Ferrari has just unveiled LaFerrari. It’s the supercar to beat for the next decade, and Porsche, Lamborghini and McLaren are officially on notice.

LaFerrari. It’s a name that evokes … nothing. But while it sounds like something you’d ask for at a tanning salon, let’s not concern ourselves with such trivialities. After all, this is Ferrari, and the Paisans in Maranello know how to build cars capable of blasting past ludicrous speed.

If you’re going to kvetch about the styling, just stop. They’ve honed the Enzo-successor’s shape down the nanometer in the wind tunnel, using decades of Formula One expertise to shape, mold and bend its composite body to the whims of advanced aerodynamics. It’s science at 205 mph, coated in carbon fiber and sprayed in a red that only the Prancing Horse can truly pull off.
Ummm... no.  I won't stop, coz that car is butt-ugly from both the front and the rear.  Note:

Jeeze... I'll bet the motors required to open those doors have more horsepower than a Volkswagen.  We won't talk about the price, which is reputed to be somewhere between 1.2 and 1.5 MILLION Yankee Dollars.  Not that that makes any difference, because all 499 of the cars are already sold, supposedly.

Me?  There are any number of Caddys, Beemers, and Jags I'd rather have at less than five percent of the price of that Prancing Horse.  Or prancing horse's ass... you choose.


  1. That thing is an assault on the eyes.

  2. The tires seem to like spitting out bits of it while its running along. I guess if you can afford that car you can change the tires every other week as well.

    I thought the back of the car was better looking than the front. I love the doors opening like that, but for the few seconds they are open... well I'd rather have a MB or Bimmer or even more a Porsche. All of them could be sitting in the driveway for much less than that prancing pony... err horse.

    If someone gave it to me I'd drive it then sell it and pick up better wheels and deposit the rest in the bank for real fun like Happy Hours in the tropics.

    Heck, there are a lot of cars I'd rather own than that. It is more price tag dick waving than a worthy drive.

    1. I agree on most counts, OG, most especially about the other cars.

  3. I think Old Goat is right about the "price tag dick waving," but I don't agree with his view of the rear of the LeF. It looks to me like it was designed by a committee of people who design toasters, coffee makers, and Ikea furniture. It's a disorienting jumble of lines and scoops and sculpts.


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