Friday, March 15, 2013

Just A Short Lil Post About... Cleveland?

Occasional Reader IT said this in comments yesterday:
Re: That best cities thing a few posts back, I don't have a goat in that rodeo
But, even Cleveland has a redeeming factor to give it a best something
To which I replied "Best moonbat congresscritter EVAH?"  I was referring, of course, to this guy and I prolly shoulda added the qualifier "with the hottest wife, evah."  For a moonbat.

I coulda said "city with the most irrelevant rock 'n' roll museum" and that would be true, as well.  We could launch an extended diatribe about the Rock 'n' Roll Hall o' Fame, beginning with the fact the institution honors people who don't have diddly to do with rock 'n' roll (although Bo did make it) while ignoring some icons of the genre.  And then there are those frickin' induction shows, which are not much more than an Oscars wanna-be effort.  Spare me.

If I wanted to see rock 'n' roll memorabilia I'd go to one of the hundreds of Hard Rock CafĂ©s that blight the planet and I'm sure there's one in ClevelandWait.  "Blight the planet?"  Well, yes... and I know I'm bein' pretty harsh with that.  I should also say that The Second Mrs. Pennington and I used to frequent the original Hard Rock back in the day (which would be from 1980 to 1983), and we did so often.  We also had a drawer full of their tee shirts... like this:

That said, we both stopped wearing those shirts a long time before the Hard Rock franchise grew to nearly 200 outlets in such glamorous locations as Biloxi, Mississippi and Beirut, Lebanon.  A Hard Rock tee shirt was something to have when there were only one or three such establishments, but not when every bubba and his ol' lady sports one.

Elitist?  Yes.  I don't much like Cleveland, either.  Now get off my lawn.


  1. Heh. I had occasion to go to Cleveland a few times on business, and though it was years ago, I have to say, the folks there treated me very, very well.

    1. I've found that people are generally pretty nice wherever I've been and that would include Cleveland. Their surroundings, OTOH... ;-)

  2. Eastbound and Down...15 March, 2013 15:55

    A couple of things - I have to laugh when spouses buy glasses two for one and then actually wear them in public. OK, I'm a bully... Then the dog. I'm thinking he died in Cleveland, because that's where all the cats and rats are. Third, I think she has bigger/better looking muscles than you. Back to the fridge for another light...

  3. Back to the fridge for another light...

    THAT sez more than anything else you said.


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