Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour Soundtrack

A lil blues, Led Zep style...

I-I, I can't quit you, babe
So I'm gonna put you down for a while
I said, I can't quit you, babe
I guess I got to put you down for a while
Well... that "while" is over.  What do I mean by that?  This:

I re-supplied the whiskey component of the Likker Locker today and just for grins and giggles I looked at the Scotch prices.  Do you remember this from last summer, Gentle Reader?
I'm just in from a run out to the Class VI store on Cannon Airplane Patch and was shocked at the price increases on Scotch... so much so that I refuse to resupply at those prices.  Johnnie Walker Green sold at $44.00 last week and is now $54 and change; you can find it at Amazon for $47.10.  JW Gold is worse... it's up to $84 freakin' Yankee Dollars a bottle now.  Aiiieee.
Which makes me wonder... what's up with the Class VI?  They're supposed to be cheaper than the civilian market and they are, if I shop locally.  But not on the net.

So.  We're gonna be bourbon drinkers... and that would be Bulleit bourbon... for a while, at least until I sort out my options.  I see a Manhattan in my very near future.
I haven't bought a bottle of Scotch since last July but I broke down and did so today, mainly because the price o' love malt has come back down to a place we mere mortals can afford, which is to say a lil over 40 Yankee Dollars, or pretty close to Bulleit Rye (I bought a bottle of that, too).  So... I can't quit ya Babe, especially when you're so deliciously cheap.  But NOT tawdry.

In closing... is it sacrilege to drink malt out of a bourbon glass?  I think not.


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  3. The Class VI and the NEX are raising prices of alcohol "for our own good". Deglamorization of alcohol has been the main mission for the past 17 years, or so. It used to be that the big alcohol purveyors were selling beer and hard liquor to the Services for rock bottom prices and we all benefitted via low pricing. Good beer was frequently five bucks a case! Anyway, so in the interest of reducing alcohol related incidents and alcohol abuse in general our betters decided to raise prices to a level more even with local dealers.

    Do-gooding bastards.

    1. Do-gooding bastards, indeed... if that's the case. I think your theory is in the "conspiracy theory" class, as alcohol is considerably cheaper at the Class VI than off-base, which is why I drive the nearly-30 miles out and back to shop there. Beer... at least the beer I drink... is a good two to three dollars cheaper per six-pack and whiskey is about ten dollars/bottle cheaper. That makes it worth the trip to me, especially when I'm in total re-supply mode.

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  5. Great timing on this for me as I’m currently reading a book on LZ that I had forgotten I bought years ago. It has a short synopsis in chronological order on every song of theirs. While reading it I thought “Why doesn’t any of the blogs I visit ever had any LZ music”. And I especially thought of you, Buck, since you regularly have music here.

    LZ is very much either underappreciated or I guess folks just don’t want to be viewed as being cliché if they play LZ.

    I’ve always been a big LZ fan, not The Stones or Beatles, and still play the hell out ‘em every chance I get.

    One of my favs, though very hard to narrow down to just one, that I sang acapella at a karaoke bar the night we all went to get tuxes for my buddies wedding about 22 years ago is this one -

    BTW, saw Robert Plant in concert numerous times over the years including a couple years ago w/Allison Krauss. Saw Plant & Jimmy Page @ 1995 on their acoustic ‘Unledded Tour’ with a full orchestra. And saw Page in 1985 w/The Firm & solo @ 1987 w/Jason Bonham on drums. Still have all the tickets stubs to those and every concert I’ve ever been to.

    Had tickets to see LZ when Bonham died.

    Off topic FYI, college hockey Sunday, outdoors at Soldier Field, ND vs. Miami of OH.

    1. I've never seen/saw LZ or Page or Plant... but I sure as Hell have all their albums, including quite a few of the solo efforts. "All" doesn't include the rather pricey re-issue box sets, although I AM thinking about buying some of the re-mastered works.

      The vid you provided was excellent, but waaay too short. 1969 was a damned good year for me, and I got all nostalgic watching that clip... for more than a few reasons.

    2. Buck, that video/song is on their excellent DVD of all live stuff that came out a few years ago. As you probably know LZ didn’t have any live recordings/videos as they refused to appear on any shows like Ed Sullivan. Less of course “The Song Remains the Same” which many folks pooh pooh but I enjoy.

      Jimmy took obscure films/videos/recording including bootlegs and with today's technology managed to make a really good DVD of lost and obscure, forgotten live concert footage.

      Anyways, I highly suggest you check it out and/or purchase for when you get in the LZ mood as I do. I’ve been known to throw it on after a few pints on a Sat. night and crank the f*%k out’a my surround sound speakers. One hasn’t lived till they hear ‘Dazed & Confused’ on volume eleven.

      Also, I suggest a live release, “How the West was Won”, that was discovered during the making of the DVD.

      Plus they just came out with a DVD of their ‘07 reunion/ tribute to Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun.Which I'm looking to buy when I get some extra cash(@ 2020).

      And Jimmy played with the Black Crowes which is REALLY good too.

      Sorry to go on & on…just love me some Zep.

    3. Wow... that took some time to put together and thanks for it. I have that "Live at The Greek" CD and you're right: it's GREAT.

  6. Excellent choice of music. Loves me some Zeppelin.

    I see that a few anonymous knuckleheads managed to leak through your defenses.

    Your writing is preferential to my subsequent usages and my goats like it here. Visit my website at


    1. @Chris: Yeah, Blogger is sleeping at the switch. That shit usually winds up in the spam catcher.

  7. Geez. Can't believe I missed this one. I don't often drink Scots Whisky, but when I do, it's the Green. It goes particularly well with a good steak dinner (but, then again, so does just about any Scotch - if it's decent stuff, so much the better.)

    1. Yer comment wound up in the spam folder for some reason. My apologies, on Blogger's behalf.


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