Wednesday, February 27, 2013

About Time

The meme is near and dear to my heart; mebbe the US will lift the embargo after Raul fades away in 2018.  That would make perfect sense and I would have the option of buying Cuban cigars legally.  Not that I would, mind you... the things are seriously overpriced and the product from non-Cuban manufacturers is just as good, often at half the cost.  It would be nice to have the option, though.


  1. I’ve had the Cubans, yes I know I’m a bad person, on trips to Canada (they don’t have an embargo) and the Caribbean. Think I even saved the wrappers.

    Very good smokes, but you’re right, Buck, there are just as good ones and cheaper.

    1. I used to smuggle Cuban cigars into Detroit whenever I went over (or under) the river to Windsor... it was amazing how many big-ass cigar stores there were in that relatively small Canadian city. There wasn't a shred of doubt as to what their biggest market was...


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