Sunday, January 13, 2013

Well, THAT'S a Relief!

From an article in PC Magazine:
Congrats! Come 2036, you'll still be here – as opposed to being blown apart by a giant asteroid that was initially thought to have a great-than-zero chance of striking Earth when it swings around in 2036.
Wait.  I'd be 91 years old in 2036... are you SURE I'll still be here? 

OK, I'll admit it: I got nuthin' today.


  1. Not waitin' for the Asteroid here, that's for sure..

    "Nuttin" today? How's that old song go? "I got plenty of nuthin'....." Or for another riff, remember that old commercial: "Whatcha eatin'?" Ans: "Nut n' honey" LOL

  2. PS: The latter is the mark of a REALLY GOOD commercial--not whether it's "hip," "funny" etc., or not, but whether one remembers the product..


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