Saturday, January 12, 2013

Civilization Comes To P-Ville...

... in the form of the Roosevelt Brewing Company, which is a brew pub cum restaurant right here in Portales.  The RBC opened some time ago and a visit to their premises has been on my agenda for quite some time but I never seemed to be able to get off the dime... until today, at which time we went out and had a few beers and dinner... such as it was... at RBC.  Dinner amounted to an order of bacon and green chile dip, which was wonderful in and of itself, yet paled by comparison to the wonderful "Cole Porter" porter.  The porter was my choice from this menu:

Apologies for the poor cell-phone pic
And I didn't venture further afield, because when you hit upon something you really, rilly like why diverge or digress?  So we didn't.  Diverge or digress.  But we did enjoy our beer and the ambiance of the RBC.  It's the greatest of the Great Good Things in life to know that there's a place where we all can belong... said place bein' just around the corner and up the street from where we live.  Rest assured I'll be back there, and often.  In the meantime we brought a lil bit of that ambiance home with us this afternoon... Cole Porter porter AND a couple o' suitable glasses in which to drink it:

Constant readers might note that I bemoaned the fact Sammy Adams cut their "Black and Brew" from this season's Winter Classic offering.  We're quite over that now that we have a growler full o' Cole Porter porter sitting in our fridge.  That stuff is some damned GREAT beer, Gentle Reader... and I know from whence I speak.


  1. Things are looking up for Portales. When Toby and I were first married, he had a friend living in Portales - going to school there. We went to visit them and went to some redneck bar. Toby's friend was a bit of a pool shark, since he ran the ENMU rec area and played pool all day. He was also a bit arrogant. I worried we would not get out of that bar alive after a few pool games. It is not a great memory, but now that there is a new pub in town, maybe we will come back through Portales again.

    1. That must have been Goober's you went to. I've been in the bar a few times but the last time I went was literally YEARS ago. They do have a nice package store, though.... I buy beer there.

  2. Well that IS good news--a local upscale watering-hole just around the corner. When I was in grad school in Lafayette, La., there was a place like yours (from what I can tell) within fall-down walking distance of my "villa" just around the corner on Pinhook Rd just off the campus called the "Lock & Key" that served killer custom pizzas and sandwiches. (and where I met my wife--it's the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse now)

    OT, but remember that LSU/A&M trophy I was talking about? Today I see the connection is even closer than I knew. Go to and hit the AP art. heading "Perry's old Corps outfit reactivated At Texas A&M." Art says it was Squadron Six--"...known as the Savage Six Flying Tigers..." LOL. Even more of a reason to move on my lead..
    (FYI Clare Chennault, the CG of the AVG (American Volunteer Group) "Flying Tigers" (and later CG of 14th Air Force in the Pacific) was a native of Lake Charles, La. (there is a now deactivated AFB there called Chennault Field) A looong joint intermingled history between the schools, n'cest-ce pas?

    1. This place isn't within crawling distance but I COULD walk there, if pressed, as it's about a mile and a half.

      Interesting update on the ROTC thing. Did the Lady Colonel at LSU ever call you?

  3. Call? Nada--but I'm gonna give her enough rope before I
    call in my chits with the LSU "Big Kid" types I'm still in contact with..


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