Thursday, January 03, 2013

Still More Cigar Art

I might have to begin numbering these posts but then again, mebbe not.  I think this is only the third or fourth post of this nature, excluding my posts on cigar boxes... which are still art, but different.  So, without further ado...

Click to embiggen

You might could think there's a re-run or two in the above and you might could be right.  I've posted the Ave Maria band before, but this one is slightly different because the stick was double-banded.  Gurkha might also be a re-run but there are many variations on the Gurkha theme... so we've included bands from the two latest Gurkha sticks to grace our humble abode.

Note that Swag band.  I'd NEVER buy a box of those things (this stick came to me as part of a sampler), mainly because of the verbiage on the band, i.e., "cigar lifestyle."  WTF is THAT?  The only way I can see someone, anyone, as having a "cigar lifestyle" would be if they owned a cigar factory, a cigar bar, or otherwise put bread on their table by virtue of their relationship with cigars.  Otherwise?  Get the HELL off my lawn.


  1. You need to nicely custom frame some of that as art for your man-cave, Buck, srsly..

  2. While I don't indulge in cigar smoking anymore, the art of the cigar band is pretty cool.

    Oh, what VX said too.

    1. OT but I'm glad Dano straightened you out on "Bobby Lee". To a military historian (which I flatter myself as being), there ain't but one Bobby Lee.

    2. ...the art of the cigar band is pretty cool.

      So is the art on the boxes! In re: Lee. I'm pretty thick at times. Well, ALL the time.

    3. OldAFSarge,
      Being a Southern girl, I have an uncle named Robert Lee. You may even know him, if you are a military historian. His last name is Barker, and he is mentioned in "We Were Soldiers." One of my claims to fame.

    4. Bag Blog - would that be: Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Barker, (US Army Retired), who commanded C Battery, 1-21 Field Artillery? You have an awesome uncle Ma'am.


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