Monday, January 21, 2013

Oblivious By Design

I hear there's sumthin' happening in DeeSee today... about which, this:

That looks like me where said event is concerned.  There was a hockey game on this afternoon but I think it's over now.

It doesn't really matter... we stayed abed until noon-thirty today and are just now pouring our second cup.  Sometimes it bees like that.

PS:  That photo?  An Honorable Mention in the "Nature" category of NatGeo's 2012 annual photo contest.  You can see all the photos here.

Update, 1515 hrs: A tweet from David Burge:
David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

Like listening to cannibals say grace while they lower you into the pot. #inauguration
Yup.  Egg-zactly.  We shall now proceed to drink. Heavily. 


  1. Hhhmm, a hunting technique which leaves one, shall we say, a bit exposed.

    Nice photos at that link, as one might expect of NatGeo. Thanks!

    1. In re: exposed. Really. That fox better hope there's not a hungry eagle around.

  2. Izzat a fox?

    ...or a squirrel?

    Aw shit.
    I care about that like you care about the DC thang.

    1. Heh. But see the above (and the link) for yer answer.

    2. I have to visit the NatGeo site more often.
      I mean, heck, I'm a member so I'm already paying... right?
      Besides, I will probably learn more there than by blog surfing.

    3. Wait. Are ya sayin' ya don't learn anything by comin' here? It's hurt, I am. ;-)


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