Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

That Lil Ol' Band From Tejas...

Could I get some pie a la mode
When I come in off the road
Do she still have her fightin' gear
Just one look is gonna make it clear
If she would enjoy baby
Really enjoy gettin' it on
Oh, HELL yes!  This brings back some really, rilly good memories of homecomings-past. We won't go into any detail here.

In other news... we actually took the first beer o' today's Happy Hour out on the verandah (and the better part o' our cigar), even though it was only 44 degrees outdoors.  There were a couple few mitigating factors that made it possible: first and foremost, brilliant sunshine.  Second, next to no wind.  Third, we were suitably dressed.  Hell, we were almost HOT sitting in that surprisingly warm sun.


  1. Great tune. ZZ Top is always a morale booster for me.

    Oh and I used your floating dog video for tonight's post over at my place. I gave ya the old "H/T" and a link telling my folks to get on over here and listen to some ZZ Top when they were done watching the video. (Course a lot of "my" folks are prolly "your" folks in reality.)

    I didn't tell 'em to bring their own booze and I should have. I'm sure VX has already drank up all the good stuff!

    1. Thanks, Sarge. Virgil usually brings his own... he's into rum, which is in short supply here. ;-)

  2. I have the GGs. The new grand-baby had to go back to the hospital to set under the lights due to his bilirubin count being too high. I'm hoping for warm weather tomorrow so the girls can play outside. It has been a wild week.

    1. I hope everything is well with the new grandbaby and I can imagine what having the GGs full-time means.

  3. Love me some Top.

    My have told you this tale before, so feel free to stop reading if you recognize it. I saw them in the old Boston Garden back in (as I recall, which for that time period is nebulous) 1975. They were on the underbill to Aerosmith, and I was really looking forward to seeing them. About the third song in, some a-hole in the audience threw a beer bottle that smashed into Frank Beard's bass drum. They stopped playing immediately, walked off the stage, never came back. I would have gladly disemboweled the inebriate who threw that bottle.

    1. Nope... first time I've heard that. I'd have been PISSED, too.


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