Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's easy to understand why the kid's confused.  I see tons (heh) of Santas EVERY day.

In other news... I'm up at oh-dark-thirty today coz I have a dental appointment a lil over an hour from now.  This is the penultimate step towards getting the latest in my series of Adventures In Modern Dentistry complete and I can't wait until this is over (next month sometime).  I haven't had a sandwich since frickin' early SEPTEMBER... and then there's the speech impediment.

Enough, already.


  1. Ouch... hehe.

    Best of luck with the chompers.

  2. What was that old song...All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...We could tweek that a bit. When all is said and done, things will be much better. I will grill a steak, you come through on your way somewhere...

    1. Yeah, the song would have to be "eight front teeth and two molars." I like the idea of a big steak...


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