Friday, November 16, 2012

Broadening Our Horizons, Episode LI

I gotta apologize to Jim, right off the bat.  While Spoetzel bills this as a "seasonal" brew... and Thanksgiving IS "the season" at the moment... the decorations on the label and the carrier shout out "CHRISTMAS," and that's just wrong.  So: apologies.

That said, we grab these beers as soon as they appear simply because we live in a Beer Desert and stuff like this tends to disappear all too soon.  Here's what we're drinking today:

Shiner Holiday Cheer.. rated as "good" by The Bros, and they say this, in part:
Interesting, a flavored holiday ale where we would possibly want more than one. Nice to see something different rather than the usual pie spicing that ends up tasting like organic toothpaste. A good pick for the holiday party, as it will definitely spark some interest if not conversation. This is without a doubt a beer that non-beer drinkers could approach and hopefully get pulled into.
The astute Gentle Reader knows I look upon fruity beers with a jaundiced eye, but I'll make an exception for this one.  Shiner sez the peach flavor is subtle but I disagree... that flavor is up front and it smacks ya right in the nose, too.  That's not a bad thing, to my complete surprise.  I'll definitely buy more of this.

Our cigar today is a Diesel Shorty, also new to me.  It's a rich, robust sorta stick and as such goes very well with what we're drinkin'.


And then there's this...
Dang it Buck, that's some good funny music. Great lyric. And the girl (at least as presented in the lyrics)...she could be the soulmate you've been looking for, no? :-)

  1. I had EXACTLY the same thought about the girl. WHERE are the ones like this?
That's a call and response to last night's ADWH post.  I got to thinkin' on my drive out to Cannon Airplane Patch earlier today about that song, Dan's comment, and my response.  And then it occurred to me: The Second Mrs. Pennington and I were EXACTLY like that song in the wayback... we got gloriously drunk together on the day we met, to begin with.  Add in the facts she was a good conservative Catholic kinda girl (easy, too) and I was a SERIOUS Moonbat (and just as easy) and there you have that song.

Fast forward 35 years or so and she's now the Moonbat and **I'M** the conservative, among other salient things.  WTF, over?


  1. Still love the Rocky glass and just noticed the Japanese ash tray. Katakana, neh? Kirin Biru, neh?

    Anyhoo, OT. That "fancy" advertising stuff I thought was on your blog was actually some crap my own computer had picked up somewhere. It's called "Yontoo" or some such nonsense. Easy to get rid of. Just thought you'd want to know.

    1. Yup. The ashtray is an artifact from Former Happy Days. I love it.

      Thanks for the Yontoo info... I was worried!

  2. Relax, buddy. I'm insane, but not so insane that I'd diss a man over his brew.

  3. Thanks for the review of Shiner - Cheers. Toby has brewed up some interesting stuff, but we may still need to buy some beer for the brother-in-laws.

    1. Your bros-in-law would rather drink store-bought beer? (sigh) Guess that kinda proves the ol' "you can pick yer friends but you can't pick yer fambly" thang.

    2. It is worse than that. My brother-in-law will bring Budweiser or Coors.

    3. See my previous. He'd REALLY get a ration from me for that.

  4. I got Pepper some Sam Adams Wiinter Ale after you recommended it, and he likes it!

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    1. You KNOW I've had to follow you around all morning and save you... well, your comments... from Blogger, right?


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