Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ommm... Part Deux

We normally only burn incense in the evening as part of our daily devotions.  But like a lot o' thangs... we tend to go to excess when we're fat.  That's the case with the latest shipment o' incense; we have so gotdamned much of the stuff that we'll be burnin' a lot of it in the foreseeable future for lil or no reason.

That's three sticks o' "Romance," which I think is aptly named.  The aroma reminds me o' nothing less than love-sweet-love on a balmy Fall afternoon... right straight out of the shower, squeaky clean and fragrant.  Yet another aspect o' Romance: I love watching the interplay of smoke and light while burnin' incense.  I'm gettin' that today, in spades... even if we're a lil short on romance.  (Sigh)  Well, ya can't have everythang, nu?


  1. Off Topic, but did you hear the new Stone's song Gloom and Doom? It would go nice with some of that stinky stick stuff burning. ;) heh.

    It really is a decent song. Very much the Stones sound we've learned to enjoy through all these years.

    1. I JUST listened to it for the first time, Anon. Only 301 views of the official vid... the tune HAS to be brand-new. Thanks!


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