Saturday, September 22, 2012


So there I was, getting ready to watch Notre Dame kick the Hell outta Michigan... in South Bend... and I pulled the teevee guide up to make sure I had the right channel.  And got THIS:

WTF, KAMR?  WHAT THE FUCK are you THINKING!?!  West Texas A&M?  Incarnate WORD?  What the Hell is that, some sorta religious experience?  The only religious experience I want right now is to see Touchdown Jesus smilin' down on the Irish.

Save me.


  1. My Dish screen doesn't look like that,
    BUt we got ND v M. GS is an M fan.
    My Cal bears are being tarred by SC, who're still pissed about what Snodfart did to them last week.

    1. I wound up watching War Eagle! v. Boudin! ... and Boudin! got away by the skin o' their teeth. I WAS gratified to see ND won, but won ugly... based on the highlights I saw on SportsCenter. And then I watched Oregon trounce Arizona... until the end of the third quarter when I changed channels. Blowouts aren't much fun unless it's your team that's doing the blowing out.

  2. Buck, my Beloved Tigers doubled War Eagle in yardage...dominated on D...and only came away with 12 stinkin' points on 350 yards of offense?!?!?!?!

    Gots work to do...

    In happier news, ND is REALLY looking good. You can call it "ugly," if you'd like...and the stats do bear that out (I'm BIG on stats, if you haven't figured that out just yet)...but 4-0 must feel like Heaven to the frustrated Irish World!

    And, in EVEN HAPPIER news...West Texas A&M (ranked #25) beat the shit out of Incarnate Word! As a Texan, a ND fan, and closet LSU guy, yesterday could NOT have been better if you think about it!

    Beer you!

    1. As a Texan, a ND fan, and closet LSU guy, yesterday could NOT have been better if you think about it!

      Ahem. I'm a former Texan, lately a newly-minted NEW Mexican. And as such I could NEVER root for the enemy, and by that I mean:

      Lone Star Conference Standings
      WEST TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY 2 0 64 10 3 1 155 74
      ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY 1 0 28 23 2 2 87 99
      MIDWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY 2 1 127 62 2 1 127 62
      TARLETON STATE 2 1 86 74 2 1 86 74
      EASTERN NEW MEXICO 1 1 57 59 2 2 109 136
      ABILENE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY 1 2 70 75 2 2 121 75
      TEXAS A&M-KINGSVILLE 1 2 54 98 2 2 89 105
      TEXAS A&M-COMMERCE 0 1 14 65 0 3 36 123
      INCARNATE WORD 0 2 24 58 1 3 50 124

      You'll note the West Texas Aggies play in the same league as the hometown ENMU MIGHTY Greyhounds. We have our loyalties, yanno? Me rooting for those junior Aggies would be like you rooting for some JC outta N'Awlins.

      As for the closet LSU fan bits... well, OK. If'n you say so. I'm not one to contradict.

    2. Heh! Didn't know ENM was in the conference with the Mighty Buffaloes of West Texas A&M!

      Didn't dig that deep in to the Four Letters to note that VERY important fact.


      I've been busy...

      All that said, thanks for setting me straight, and for NOT contradicting me on the FACT that you are a closet LSU fan.

      Man...would it not be "something" to see LSU run the table against the the SEC Champeenship...and ND run the table (against inferior opponents of course), and end up playing for the BSCS Championship? It's WAY out of current likelihood...but I've seen some weird junk happen in The Only Sport That Really Matters.

      It would be just like the old days.

      Fingers crossed...

      One can dream, I guess...

    3. Didn't know ENM was in the conference with the Mighty Buffaloes of West Texas A&M!

      Well, I wouldn't expect ya to know who's who in every lil podunk D-IIA conference. I only found out coz one of the articles at the Mighty Buffaloes site indicated Incarnate Word was coming off a loss to ENMU. My Bad: I've been here ten years and have yet to attend a Greyhounds game.

      It would be just like the old days.

      It WOULD, and I'd love to see that... but I don't think ND is quite there. Yet.

  3. I did not watch any football yesterday due to company coming, but late in the evening, it was good to hear that OU got Norman.

    1. Heh, indeed. It's ALWAYS good news when OU gets beat and MOST especially in Norman.

  4. BTW...West Texas A&M has a VERY good site (for a bunch of farmers & mechanics from West Texas.

    Good on 'em!

    Just sayin'...

    1. Agreed. I chased up yer link and was pretty impressed.

  5. Honestly, I don't think LSU is quite there again.

    Go look at a Greyhounds game. You'll thank yourself in the morning...

  6. Oh yeah, the Irish are 4 and oh! Watched them win, ugly or not, don’t matter. (Ask Mich. if they’d trade losing for an ugly win.)

    That was after watching the NY Yanks beat Oakland in 14 innings after coming back from 4 in the 13th.

    Which was after going to the local gun show and exercising our 2nd amendment rights. (Ready for the Barackalypse.)

    Which was after going to gym, pounding weights & running 2 miles on treadmill…

    Great freeking Sat.

    1. Forgot; squeezed in a trip to the brew house and filled up growler for ND game.

    2. A brilliant Saturday, actually, Small-Tee. Which brew house? I used to go to the Perinton MacGregor's on the corner o' Turk Hill Rd and Palmyra Rd to fill my growlers. God, but I miss MacGregor's...

  7. Just opened -

    1. Pretty danged cool. Were I still in Ra-cha-cha I think I'd be here during the summer/Fall...

      An outdoor terrace features seating for 28 people, and a rooftop patio with 49 seats both offer scenic views overlooking High Falls and the Genesee River Gorge.

      ... a LOT.

    2. It’s beyond cool, Buck, especially for Ra-cha-cha and especially for downtown where, as you know, there is nothing.

      So far so good, great crowd on Sat. when we went, almost all restaurant and bar full.

      Can’t wait till specialty beers, only for brew house, go on tap soon. We’re familiar with brew master’s work so I’m sure it will be great. Dude makes an amber lager you’d swear is brewed with crack ‘cause you just can’t stop drinking it. Pure mother’s milk.

      Bro-in-Law works there and is pretty high up the food chain so he gets all the perks and of which I just ride his slipstream. Swag, free beer, etc. As I told him “Your job is really working out well for me.”

      BTW, thanks for stopping by BH & commenting.

    3. You make me homesick, tim. Srsly.


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