Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Broadening Our Horizons XLVIII

We made a run out to Cannon Airplane Patch earlier this afternoon for to pick up our meds... both from the pharmacy AND the Class VI store.  A couple o' few days ago I bemoaned the fact that my local beer emporium didn't have any pumpkin ales in their cooler, so I was mildly surprised when I saw Blue Moon's pumpkin offering out at Cannon.  I got me the last six pack, so good on me.  Sorta.

Here's what our go-to guys have to say about the brew:
Pours a stiff head, two finger high. Brilliant copper color. Gourd aroma with some faint spicing and caramel-like malt. Snap in the crispness, pretty smooth with a moderate sized body. Even spicing with some pumpkin going on. Dry maltiness aside from a quick push of caramel. Very little hopping here which is fine. Finishes dry with some spice.

Nothing epic but not to (sic) shabby either. A decent pick for a low key holiday party that perhaps has a lot of non-beer drinkers.
Heh.  The classic "damning with faint praise" gambit.  Me?  I think it tastes weird/strange.  The "spicing" (as described by The Bros) is SO faint as to be non-existent to my palette and it has a sweetness that simply doesn't belong in beer, ever.  I'll have a second round before I write off Blue Moon's take on this genre, and I'd have to try another brewery's offering before I wrote off the genre as a whole.  Let's just say I'm not at all impressed.

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