Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seen In the Finest Establishments, Everywhere

That's apropos of the following exchange in comments to the post immediately below:
VX:  (Hey Buck--remember when the old USAF GEEIA Squadrons meant --according to one GEEIA tech guy who jokingly told me--"Get Every Electronic Idiot Available?" Were YOU a GEEIA guy? lol)

    No, I wasn't a GEEIA guy. But I WAS an AFCC E&I team chief, and I was also in possession of about a dozen sheets of those old "Installed BY GEEIA" stickers. I'm CERTAIN you saw those things everywhere in Nam, every little bar and whorehouse in all of SEA had at least ONE of those stickers, somewhere. Usually in the latrine, on the toilet or on the mirror. Or on the mirror behind the bar, if the establishment was up-market enough to HAVE a mirror.

  1. We were issued "Installed by AFCC" stickers, but NO ONE used the things. We were still too close to the GEEIA days, and most of the Old Heads were GEEIA types.
Paul Harvey Voice

And now ya know the REST of the story.  For the uninformed, GEEIA actually stood for Ground Electronics Engineering and Installation Agency.  (The exchange above was edited slightly for clarity.)

/Paul Harvey Voice.


  1. There is no other entity under the sun that can best the military when it comes to acronyms.

    Or when it comes to changing them up every other day. And neglecting to inform tyhe spouses.

    BTW -- my daddy and some Navy friends shared a party barge back when I was in elementary school and they named it The FUBAR Maru. He told me the acronym stood for Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition. It was decades before I learned otherwise!

    1. Heh. I used the same explanation for FUBAR in the past, as well. But yer right about the acroymns... we're past-masters at that. Although the IT world comes close.


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