Monday, June 25, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack...

... comes from Ol' Blue Eyes:

The problem now of course is
To simply hold your horses
To rush would be a crime
'Cause nice and easy does it every time
There's a double, if not triple, meaning in the lyrics to this song.  On the one hand, it was as Frank sang: we hit all the bases on our way to romance.  That applies to every woman I've ever known, but we have a more immediate concern.  We're getting ready to make another trip up to ABQ tomorrow but this one is gonna be different, considering The Second Mrs. Pennington will be there... with SN3 in tow.  Can you say apprehensive?  Sure ya can, and that would be me at this very moment and for not a few moments over the course of the last six days or so.  I have no expectations, like Mick sang, above and beyond the necessity to be an adult during this three-day (or so) encounter.  That might could be difficult... given the history between TSMP and myself... which is to say we find it hard, both of us, to be civil to one another when we're in the same physical space.  But we shall endeavor to persevere, Gentle Reader.  Hell... it might could be fun, and I'm hoping for that.


We called Happy Hour early again, because o' the weather... which is hot, hot, hot. 

But it is... once again... a dry heat.  And it WILL be most pleasant when the sun goes down and we dip into the 70s.  That's one of the thangs I LOVE about The High Plains o' New Mexico.


  1. Ouch. I hope you enjoy the time with S#3, and survive the encounter with TSMP.

  2. I am glad for your time with SN3. I bet he has grown leaps and bounds! As for your time with TSMP, may it go wonderfully.

  3. I'm relatively certain there would be some trepidation on my part, too, were I put into a social situation with my kids mother.

  4. Mimic your heat Buck - be dry with TSMP.

  5. Leave the past in the past. Forgive yourself for any stupid stuff you have done and most importantly don't remember anyone else's faults.

    Tomorrow should be a real good day!

  6. Google is messing with the Barco Sin Vela account. I'm unknown, right now...

  7. How to "survive' the encounter, Buck? MUCHO "hydration" (for the dry heat, natch) with a beverage of your choice..

    Signed: Dr Xenophon

  8. PS: Either follow the above prescription of go the Plan B route: "Mass Quantities" of drugs, lol.

  9. Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions. The first day in ABQ was with the immediate fam'bly only, the real fun begins this evening.

  10. I hope your visit is the best ever! Good luck.


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