Monday, June 25, 2012

Cannon In the News (and Other Stuff)

Lockheed Martin photo
Cannon's New Aircraft Fleet Grows: Cannon AFB, N.M., last week received its seventh new-built MC-130J Commando II aircraft, announced manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The special-mission airplane arrived on June 20 direct from the company's production facility at Marietta, Ga., states the company's June 21 release. Assigned to Cannon's 522nd Special Operations Squadron, aircraft no. 5695 will support covert infiltration and recovery, aerial refueling, and clandestine resupply, like Cannon's other new MC-130Js. This airframe is the seventh of 11 aircraft slated for delivery to Cannon, according to Lockheed Martin. Air Force Special Operations Command is procuring the MC-130Js to replace legacy MC-130s in the fleet.
I've been paying attention whenever I go out to Cannon Airplane Patch and I've noticed the ramp is a busy place these days.  Quite the change from three or four years ago when one could only see a couple or mebbe three C-130s on the ramp... and that was IT.  AFSOC has been running Cannon for almost five years now... time DO fly.


And then there's this...

Some right-wing pundits have been comparing Fast and Furious to Watergate and I think they're right in at least one respect: it wasn't the burglary that killed Tricky Dick... it was the cover up.  Fast and Furious REEKS of cover-up.


Time for an EIP product endorsement...  I called SN2 last evening to thank him for that California Duster recommendation he gave me.  I got the cars washed this past Saturday and both of 'em are still shiny and dust-free after a morning pass with the C.Duster.  This thing works as advertised, and you can't ask for anything more than that.  About 16 Yankee Dollars at O'Reilly's Auto Parts, more at Amazon (where they have a kit available for considerably more).

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  1. Yep. F and F smells to high heaven. I can't wait until we find the source of the stench.


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