Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Naming the Baby

So we got to thinkin'... what to name the baby?  And then I realized I named her not quite two years ago when I first started thinkin' about growin' the fam'bly.  To wit:

Should I Keep Her?

Or should I run off with some young tart who'll stroke my ego and make me feel comfortable in my dotage?  I'm terribly conflicted at the moment.


Just to refresh your memory, Gentle Reader: The Tart...

That's the way I'd buy her... black on black.  Which is totally impractical for The High Plains of New Mexico, given (a) the heat and (b) the ever-present dust.  The Tart would be dirty an hour after I washed her... ALL the time.  But there are only two colors for Cadillacs... black or white.  I don't do white.
Well, OK.  The Tart it is... but her FULL name is The Dowager Tart.


  1. Nice choice. I'm partial to the candy red pearl that caddy has. However, black is good.

    1. Heh. I'm a "basic black" kinda guy in my old age.

  2. Sweet.


    Sweet Tart!

    Crank the AC, crank the tunes, enjoy the ride(s)!

  3. Naw, black isn't a tart's color; now if it was that shiny red
    candy pearl red..

    PS: "Tart?" Are you sure that that name doesn't begin with a different letter of the alphabet? :)

    1. Black is traditionally a dowager's color, Virg. And she's a dowager tart.

  4. PPS: As in referring to the old geezer driving it.. :)


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