Sunday, May 06, 2012


I've mentioned this a few times in the past (ed: a few?)... but Hockey Night In Canada is one of the thangs I REALLY miss about living in Dee-troit, especially when the playoffs roll around.  While NBC's and Versus NBCSN's hockey coverage has improved a lot in the past couple o' years it still has a way to go before it equals HNIC, the gold-standard of hockey broadcasting.  I came across this interesting piece in the Montreal Gazette on the making of HNIC's video montage intros to the program, thanks to the Usual Hockey Source.  Here's one such intro:

They're all pretty much like that and I've posted a few of HNIC's montages over the years... most especially their end-of-season tributes, which are always spectacular.  And now I know a lil bit about the guys responsible for those montages, and why those montages are as vivid and striking as they are.

And speakin' o' hockey... it's time to watch the Kings and the Blues.  This might could be an elimination game, so there will be HIGH drama.

Update, 1545 hrs:  Simply amazing... those Kings SWEEP the Number Two seed St. Louis Blues, after taking out Number One seed Vancouver in five.  These guys could go all the way.  I'm a believer.


  1. I think I might like Hockey Night in Canada - especially if I was in Canada.

    1. HNIC is one of the best long-running sports shows I've ever seen, Lou.


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