Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Jes Thinkin'...

... about whether or not we're gonna take today's Happy Hour out on the verandah.  Coz it's not nice outside:

Nearly 90 degrees and a 30-mph wind is kinda-sorta like sitting in front of a blast furnace, or bein' bathed with God's Own Hairdryer... you choose.  I've been out in it already today, what with dropping my rent check off with the friendly folks at Homespot Properties and continuing on over to The Big(ger) City for to give baby a bath.  The latter prolly wasn't the best ideer I've had in a while, given all the dust in the air.  The Green Hornet will look like Hell by tomorrow, or even before today is over.

(sigh)  It's always sumthin'.


  1. Warm and windy here, too, but it is not in the triple digits yet. Right now the wind keeps it a bit cooler, but yet it is miserable to be beaten by the wind.

    1. I hear ya about the wind. I took all I could yesterday, which wasn't much.


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