Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Another Installment of "Brave New World"

My Buddy Ed In Florida sends this along...
16 years old Peter goes to the priest: "Father, I came to confess!"
"No need, I read your blog."
Heh.  Facebook, too, prolly.  Eventually one gets to a point where they don't publish everythang that happens to 'em, but I suppose it takes a while.


I've had to reboot my router three times today and that's not a good sign.  Another installment of "It's always sumthin'," too.


  1. Buck,

    Maybe the artist saw this, (which I posted on the old Washington Rebel site (and American Digest):

    To blog, or not to blog - that is the question:
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The daily affront to the intelligence of a nine-year-old,
    Or to take up pen against a bottomless sea of horseshit,
    And by refuting lay the whackhammer on this crap once and for good.
    To quit, to snooze evermore;
    And by ignoring it say we end the assault on human dignity
    That is our hourly lot - 'tis a consummation devoutly to be pined for.
    To let it slide, perchance to dream: aye, there's the sticky.
    For in that final doze what nightmares wait
    When we have taken on the long dirt nap,
    Must give us pause: there's the head-scratcher
    That makes a grinder of so long life:
    For who would bear the pokes and whacks of time,
    The idiot's insolence, the proud man's scorn,
    The pain of spurned honor, the law's dismissal,
    The insolence of politicians and the sneers
    That patient forbearance of assholes takes,
    When he himself might shut them the fuck up
    With a mere keyboard? Who would insults take,
    To piss and moan under a weary trip,
    But that the dread of Something Later,
    The unthought-of place from whose precincts
    Nobody comes back, befuddles the will
    And makes us rather settle for the Devil we know
    Than fly to something scary?
    Thus analysis paralysis does make sissies of us all;
    And thus the innate color of common sense
    Is faded out with the beige tint of overthinking,
    And enterprises of great piss and vinegar
    With this consideration their currents stop midstream,
    And lose the tag of doing something about it. - Shh!
    The fair Liberty! Maid in thy anthems
    Be all my fuckups remember'd.

    1. Well played, Rob, albeit slightly negative.

  2. I wonder how many of today's young people will not be able to engage in one-on-one communication, face-to-face, in the next decade?


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