Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack...

... is from Lyle:

He’s pulling out for Reno
He hopes a tire don’t blow
Up near Albuquerque
He’ll fuel and get some coffee
Cline’s Corners truck stop
A waitress with a wet mop
Telling him to don’t walk
He tips his hat and don’t talk

He knows it’s nothing but a good ride
No there’s nothing there he can’t slide
No there’s nothing that he won’t spin
No there’s nothing to it do it again
No it’s nothing but the big show
No there’s nowhere that he won’t go
No he never has to ask why
He knows it’s nothing but a good ride
New Mexico associations aside (we ALWAYS stop at Cline's Corners on our way west)... it's truck drivin' as a metaphor for life.  Works for me.

This tune is from Lyle's "My Baby Don't Tolerate" album and it sure was hard to pick ONE tune from this album to represent today's Happy Hour Soundtrack.  On account o' because there's just SO many.  Like this... which was a close second... mainly coz I live in my own mind, too.


  1. Cross country ski skins. :) almost a real spring time here... no complaints about our "winter" either...

  2. Yeah, the video content didn't exactly fit the song, did it? But my only other option made you sit through a 30-second ad before getting to the music... I HATE that!

    I'm thinkin' Spring is more appreciated up in Calgary than it is here. ;-)

  3. It's a close second to having the Flames make the post season...

    *bought my first, (ever!) Vancouver Canucks gear yesterday.

    On a side note, Buck what do you think of those Winnipeg Jets jerseys?

    I'm thinking they've made it awful hard to dislike...

    1. What? CANUCKS? The team ALL of North America (except for certain parts o' BC) loves to hate? And you're gonna wear whatevah it is on the streets o' Calgary? Brave soul. Brave, brave soul.

      In re: Jets jerseys. Here's your answer.


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