Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pretty Cool

That's the Winnipeg Jets' new logo, otherwise to be known in future as the first North American military air force (ed: see comments) themed hockey club*.  From a Jets press release about the logo:
The design for the new logo, which was developed in partnership with Reebok and the NHL, was inspired by the logo of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

“True North Sports & Entertainment felt it was important for the new Winnipeg Jets to develop a strong new identity,” said Mark Chipman, Chairman & Governor of True North Sports & Entertainment. “We felt it was important to authenticate the name Jets and we believe the new logo does that through its connection to our country’s remarkable Air Force heritage, including the rich history and relationship that our city and province have enjoyed with the Canadian Forces.”
Pretty cool, eh?  A logo ain't nearly enough to get me to change my hockey allegiance but I just might buy a hat.  Then again, I think I said the same thing when San Jose came into the NHL a few years back... so mebbe not.

* The Jets ain't the first hockey team in the world with a military image.  Who could forget those dominant Moscow Central Red Army teams of yesteryear?

h/t:  the usual (hockey) source.


  1. The OHL has the Brampton Battalion. Pretty cool logo, too. Last time I saw it, anyway.

  2. Correction: It's the CHL.. My bad, dawg.

  3. Totally Rocks! I like it. Nothing peaceful or weenie about that logo.

  4. Oh, another personal memory of my couple years with the HMCS Provider; Early 1983, we were embarked on Provider for a Westpac Cruise; While preparing to leave Esquimalt, we had liberty in Victoria and were able to watch Team Canada VS USSR on the tube in The Old Forge bar.
    Loud. Animated. Crowd. Best game I ever watched on TV in a bar!

  5. The OHL has the Brampton Battalion.

    I sit corrected, Andy. I like their jerseys... they're all sergeants. ;-)

    Darryl: It's pretty danged cool that you got to do an exchange tour with the Canadians. I thought only ossifers did that sorta thang.

  6. Andy it is the Ontario Hockey League. The CHL(Canadian Hockey League) for the juniors is an overall controlling body. Not to be confused with the Central Hockey League where my beloved Wichita Thunder are a member. That one is AA minor hockey.
    And they used a CF-18 for it.

  7. That is indeed a cool logo!

    Moscow Central Red Army?!?! Holy. Whatever.

  8. Well, there's always the NY Jets football team..

    And don't forget the SF Bay-area "Bombers!" The Harlem Globe-Trotters of roller-derbydom..

    And then there are the "Mercy Missiles"--the all-girls academy in Louisville. LOL. And the Dayton Univ "Flyers" sports teams, and the Alton, Ill., HS "Flyers" as well--and those are just the ones I know about or immediately come to mind..God knows how many HS sports-teams nationwide have some variation on "missiles" "rockets" or "jets." Probably not too many "BLIMPS" there's always Led Zeppelin. LOL :)

  9. Moogie: FAMOUS hockey players, those Commies.

    Virgil: Noted, but the teams you cite aren't HOCKEY teams... ;-)


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