Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack...

...isn't available ANYWHERE on these inter-tubes... which is a rare occurrence, to say the very least.  The tune I heard was a new-to-me song by Janis Ian... "Paris In Your Eyes"... and you can hear a brief sample of the song on Amazon, here.  The tune resonated with me (of course) mainly because of the lyrics, some of which, below.
First time I saw Paris in your eyes,
You told me how you loved me,
Under blue, Picasso skies.
We spoke of Michelangelo,
And we solved each other's lives,

The first time I saw Paris in your eyes.
Every time I touched you,
I could taste a breath of spring.
April in Paris is every lover's dream.
Every time I'd call your name,
It would sound so much in tune,
Just like Notre Dame Cathedral at high noon.
Speakin' of...

Some girl I used to know and YrHmblScrb, in Paris.  1980-sumthin'.
Yeah, it resonates.


In other news... this is what the WX looked like as I stepped out on to the verandah for Happy Hour:

It's yet another day in the maelstrom but it was bearable.  We can take the wind as long as it's warm outdoors... and it was that.  But I feel like I need a shower right now, for the dust it was fierce, Gentle Reader.  I look like I have an Aruba tan but it's just dirt.


  1. I always wanted to be on the banks of the Seine. Just never happened for us, we went everywhere else.



    Tuesday was not good for us. Sadness at the Barco for Wednesday.

  2. Thanks for the link, Darryl. And yeah... today is NOT a good day.

  3. Buck, that's one great picture of you and your ex wife. I like it because what shows through to me is not just the joy, the sheer fun of being there, but being there together. Re the dust tan, maybe you and the perpetually tanned John Boehner should get together for a cool one.

  4. It is a beautiful picture and a very sad day.

  5. Dan & Lou: That pic is one of my faves. I don't remember which particular trip to Paris it was; we were only hours away when we lived in London and went several times over the course of three years. Each trip was just as good as the last, when ya get right down to it.


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