Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pretty Cool

I don't drink a lotta Bud... well, check that: I don't drink ANY Bud... but I sure would have bought a sixer o' this stuff if I lived in Winnipeg:

Good On Ya, Anheuser-Busch InBev.

h/t: The Usual Hockey Source.


  1. That was pretty cool. I will drink a Bud now and then, but I've gotten rather spoiled when it comes to beer. Usually I will hold out for better stuff.

  2. Very nice! Great story and I'm sure it won't hurt Bud's standing in Winnipeg!

  3. Usually I will hold out for better stuff.

    I LIKE the way ya think, Lou.

    Buck: Rumo(u)r has it that stuff sold out in hours...

  4. Great story and good PR for Budweiser and Winnipeg. That looks like a team with the "Jets" moniker that I might could get behind. Except there's a big PREDatory Tiger in the room with huge fangs that doesn't like that idea.

    1. I watched a lil bit of the Preds game last evening and they continue to do VERY well. The playoffs this year will be MOST interesting.


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