Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's That Time o' Year

"Because he's a magician you get to watch every night..."  Well, not EVERY night, but close enough.

Bring it, Bay-bee!


  1. The magician is mighty smooth. The Preds just got beat by the Oilers, but it was before a sellout crowd at the arena. Plus, we'll be bringing Alex Radulov to the playoffs. He just arrived in Nashville and has been playing in the Kontinental Hockey League (What's that?). He still has a year left on his contract since he bolted from the NHL and Nashville in 2008. The writer says he's a scorer.

  2. The KHL is the Russian version of the NHL, Dan. They THINK they're the equal of the NHL, but then again... they ARE Russians.

    Other than that, don't even mention Radulov in my presence. The NHL should have never allowed him to return; Nashville's owners/management must have lotsa pictures of Bettman in compromising positions with large and small farm animals.

  3. Heh. Wonder why the NHL allowed it? The paper said he was fulfilling the last year of his contract by playing for the rest of this season. Wonder if he's already been paid for that? There apparently was a lot of hostility aimed at him by his teammates when he left. But the two or three guys who remain from those days are singing the company line now.

    1. Much, if not most, of this situation is shrouded in mystery, which is the way I think the league prefers it to be. I can only say that folks in Dee-troit... fans and Wings management... are PISSED about the whole deal, given the Preds will prolly be our first round opponent. You guys were good enough already and Radulov just adds to that. Good for you, bad news for us... especially given our current situation.


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