Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

We're taking a moment outta our busy day o' soakin' up sun and beer out on the verandah to post a couple o' selections from today's soundtrack...

It's an R&B kinda day, kicked off and prompted by the post immediately below this one.  When I say "R&B" I mean traditional R&B... not the perverse 21st century interpretation o' the term, which makes my lip curl and my eyes roll.  No, we're talkin' Al, the Temps, Aretha, Etta (RIP), and yeah... Lenny, too.   Which is otherwise described as Sweet Soul Music...

There were at least two ways we could have gone today... select one the R&B themed stations we've defined on Pandora, or pull CDs from our collection and crank up the stereo.  We took the path of least resistance and decided to let Pandora choose our music for us.  There are a couple o' bennies associated with that choice... not only is the path of least resistance so very easy, it also includes music that isn't in our personal collection for one reason or another (but mostly due to financial considerations -- I've not yet hit the point where I can buy EVERYTHANG I like).  Which isn't to say our personal collection is limited... coz it ain't... it's only that I'm so very lazy today.  We're not in a decision making mood, beyond that required to choose a specific musical genre.  Mission Accomplished, on all levels.

Our beer o' choice today is more o' that Black Butte Porter and our cigar o' choice is a Drew Estate Red Eye.  It's how we begin, but not necessarily how we'll end.

PS:  Go on... do a google search for "drew estate tabak especial red eye" and note that EIP is the SOLE image result for that term.  

Ah, fame.  Such as it is.


  1. Man, I do like good music, especially the one Conley calls "the king of them all." Good stuff, Buck. And fame is good too. However fleeting. :-)

  2. You should be getting some revenue from the cigar and beer folks for all the free advertising you do for them. ;-)

  3. Sounds like it was the perfect day. Tis jealous I am, as I continue to toil in the fortune 100 at a job I no longer find fulfilling in an economy that doesn't allow any wiggle-room to change that.

    I just keep thanking God every day for this good job at this stable company, working with people I like.

    Sometimes it works and the day is good; sometimes it doesn't.

  4. Dan: Mr. Conley was RIGHT on point!

    Red: Wanna be my agent?

    Kris: I feel yore pain. Sorta. There are days when I miss work, actually. No. Wait. Make that "minutes when I miss work." ;-)

  5. Sweet Soul Music. It just doesn't get any better than that!!!


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