Sunday, January 08, 2012

We Did NOT Keep the Sabbath

Not EVEN me
Today was a major house cleaning day, whereupon we vacuumed, mopped, dusted, Windexed ALL the mirrors (and the chrome and glass furniture), cleaned the sinks and showers, did laundry, and otherwise cleaned everythang that was in need o' cleaning.  In short: everythang except change the sheets.  About which... we hit the wall when it came time to do that.  We also figgered that particular chore can wait for another day, mainly coz there's no one about to appreciate or confer the bennies of clean sheets upon me.

But we're done now and are enjoying the fruits o' our labors and a cold Turbodog or two.  Why izzit that Happy Hour seems better when the house is spotless?

Here's a word to the wise:  do NOT go looking for images of male maids with "safe search" off.  Just sayin'.


  1. Not to worry. You're cool.

    The Sabbath was yesterday.

    Just sayin'...

  2. And here I thought it was Sunday. Full disclosure: I tend to observe all three: Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. Usually. Sumtimes.

  3. Fuller disclosure: I usually add Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday too. Because I CAN.

  4. Heh!

    Us raised up Southern Baptists thought it was Sunday, too.

    Learnt mo' better later on. Long theological junk which I won't discuss, and you already know.

    WV: samodnoi

    Sounds Hebrew to me...

  5. Now you shall enter a day of rest - you deserve it.

  6. Good for you! You know what an OCD house cleaner I am. I'm feeling better just knowing that your place is clean. LOL

    I do love clean sheets more than anything, though. If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to hire a maid just to change my sheets every day. The thought of falling into clean sheets every single night just makes me swoon.

  7. What's your hourly rate?

    I can disregard dust and streaky mirrors for ages as long as the toilets, sinks, and sheets are clean.


  8. I really need a house keeper, I'm just not looking in the same place you did :)

  9. Oh, my. I did NOT need to see that. Glad I didn't get to see whatever else you rejected!

  10. Andy: We don't know much about theology but we know THAT.

    Bartender: Heh. That's some powerful good beer.

    Lou: See my above about "day o' rest." ;-)

    Red: Clean sheets every night was one of the ONLY thangs I liked about bein' on the road in Former Happy Days.

    Moogie: I'm reasonably inexpensive when it comes to Basic Rates, but my per diem would prolly kill ya.

    ss: I had a housekeeper in Former Happy Days but that's coz I worked long hours and the original maid quit. My neighbor, bless her heart, offered to give me the name of her housekeeper, which I politely declined. Having a maid when I have all the free time in the Free World seems like conspicuous consumption to me.

    Jim: Ya gotta admit that was a great game, though. Easy for me to say.

  11. Ah - a clean house. I got that over the weekend after we put away the last of the Christmas decorations. It's a good opportunity to get behind things that I may not otherwise touch...until next Christmas.

    Nothing feels or looks better than a nicely cleaned house. I think I slept better last night knowing it was done.


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