Monday, January 23, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack (And Some Miscellaneous Ramblings)

The musical equivalent o' Comfort Food (The Wiki, she has EVERYthang)...

Take it easy, take it easy
Don't let the sound of your own wheels
Drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can
Don't even try to understand
Just find a place to take your stand
and take it easy
Comfort Food...which is easy to eat and it makes ya feel good.... and I suppose it's the same with Comfort Music.  I actually heard the Eagles version o' this tune earlier but I much prefer Mr. Browne's original version, seein' as how I'm one of those Sensitive Seventies Kinda Guys (the comments to that post are pretty interesting, btw).  Or I used to be, at any rate.  Not so much, today.

But.  Comfort Music are the sorta tunes where ya know ALL the words and ya have this tendency to sing along, which we did, of course.  And the Eagles version of the tune ain't half bad, all things considered.  Ya pays yore money and ya makes yore choice.  I LOVE this tune, as it seems to remain relevant after all these years.  Time was when I really had "seven women on my mind" but that's not quite the case any longer.  But I've found a place to make my stand and I'm definitely takin' it easy these days.  More so than I prolly should, actually.

A few Random Notes...  We spent the better part of our day cleaning house before adjourning to the verandah for Happy Hour this afternoon.  Which was mainly because we were graced with a three and a half hour visit yesterday with Isabel, the two-year old daughter of our neighbor.  And her babysitter, of course.  Our living space is not quite child-proof, which necessitated extreme vigilance on my and the babysitter's part(s) lest Young Isabel cause damage to herself on the many sharp glass-and-chrome edges that abound in El Casa Inm├│vil de Pennington, and there are many.   Said glass and chrome is also very susceptible to lil fingerprints and other such tarnishing, and that was what we spent some time cleaning up today.  It must also be said that Young Isabel, despite all our attentiveness, managed to whack herself on the noggin by spinning one of my bar stools on its axis and not QUITE getting out o' the way when the bar stool was in close proximity to her head... which resulted in a fairly large bump on the young girl's head and much wailing and crying.  But no serious damage was done and I managed to make it better with a kiss or two.  Imagine that, if you will.
I think I've acquired a surrogate grand-daughter.  Imagine that, yet again.  Imagine also that her mom might come along.  Yeah... there's a fantasy I can live with!
So... I noticed Miller Lite has a new ad they're running and it begins with words to the effect of "there's a place for strong dark beer but on the other six days when you want sumthin' lighter..."   Wrong.  I can sorta relate, from a cigar perspective, coz there ARE days when I want sumthin' other than a full-flavored, robust maduro or the like.  But BEER?  Frickin' NEVER.  I'd rather drink Perrier than Miller Lite or its bros-in-arms.  As a s'matter o' fact I'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between Perrier and "light" beers with the possible exception of Blue Light, but there's an exception to every rule.  Miller makes some pretty cool ads, but this ain't one of 'em. 


  1. What's up with that Perrier water anyway? I had a bottle a couple months ago, as a fridge stocker, as I had guests for the weekend.

    They loved it, so I had a glass, and nearly vomited right there on the spot. That stuff has a nasty after-taste. I finally had to toss it and refill my glass with my favorite cheap Merlot...

  2. I like both versions, the Jackson Browne and the Eagles bring a little something different to the same song.

    I wonder why the Eagles version is the one that got most of the air play. It's not like Browne is a one hit wonder or something.

    I didn't hear Jackson's version till long after hearing the Eagles version for years. (I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention, and didn't pick up the album till later.

    I've enjoyed both groups, and can't say either is the overwhelming favorite version of this tune. I think it would be dependent on my mood at the time.

  3. Reminds me of the sign-
    "We made our house child proof, but they keep getting back in!"
    Sounds like you have a new friend.

  4. Ah, one of my favorite songs. I usually do the Eagles version.

    Three hour visit - did you feel like you were on Gilligan's Island?

  5. But I've found a place to make my stand and I'm definitely takin' it easy these days. More so than I prolly should, actually.

    I see nothing wrong with takin' it easy as much as you want. Those of us who continue to toil in the cubicle farms of life - are a deep shade of green.

    I do love The Eagles and I'm wondering now why they don't get much airplay with me these days. Even my iPod is pretty much bereft of their sounds. Must rectify that, very soon.

    His politics aside, I also very much enjoyed Don Henley's solo career. Some of the most beautiful songs he ever wrote came during that period, especially "Heart of the Matter". Gorgeous stuff.

    Surrogate grand-daughter is a good thing Buck. You get all the benefits without any of the responsibilities. Fun!

  6. French: So you're sayin' Perrier is an acquired taste? ;-)

    I wonder why the Eagles version is the one that got most of the air play. It's not like Browne is a one hit wonder or something.

    It's coz the Eagles were first, Anon. JB's version came out about a year after the Eagles released the song. I don't think Browne released the tune as a single; it's only a track on his second album.

    Ed: Yeah, the girl IS persistent. But she's cute.

    Lou: Heh on the Gilligan's Island thang. You have NO ideer.

    Kris: I agree with ya about Henley's solo work; I have a couple o' his albums. And thanks for the reinforcement on my inertia. ;-)

  7. Perrier: I think so. Definitely missing the purification step...


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