Monday, January 02, 2012

It's Still 2012

And speaking of the New Year... the Beeb has a short slide show of New Year's Eve pics from all over the world, these bein' my two faves:

The clocks make the photos, don't they?  I have serious trouble believing the Rooshians partied in Red Square sans wodka.  But then again, I heard alcohol was banned in Times Square,too.  What's this world comin' to?


The holidays have been hell on blog traffic here at EIP.  Note:

Paradoxically, December was our best month ever...

I dunno what happened but we came within a tick of doubling our visits and page views compared to December 2010.  And I thank you for your patronage!


  1. Hey, I was there for you on New Year's Eve...which may just illustrate my lack of New Year's social life...

    The London pic is my favorite. I thought the London Eye was an abomination on the London skyline, until I got to take a ride on it. Most fun ever...probably because I was served champagne.

  2. I had 1200 some-odd pageviews last month. 30 were referred by your blog. So... what day didn't you visit?

  3. The photos are amazing. Although I do find your charts fairly interesting, my eyes glaze over at the talk of insurance or the sight of charts. It's a blonde thang.

  4. Those pictures are beautiful.

    I try to visit your blog daily so I'm counted in those numbers. Somewhere.

    WV ~fersti~I'm "fersti" for a beer :)

  5. Must have been pictures of food or something, and the people went wild !

  6. 1,158 visits on my busiest month of the year. Also December. Here's hoping for a big new year.

  7. My pleasure.

    The Red Square shots were great. I saw them live (well, live on tape, probably) and loved the juxtaposition of the ancient buildings with the very excellent fireworks.

  8. Red: I had my reservations about the London Eye, as well. I've never seen it, as it was built after my last (and prolly final) trip to London. But I did read your blog post and enjoyed your experience vicariously.

    Ivan: The day I didn't visit was prolly when you were still on hiatus.

    Lou: I loves me some charts.

    ss: I thought about posting the Beijing one, too. But there's a limit to my plagiarism.

    Anon: Heh. One of the saddest things I saw in Moscow were old women lined up upside the metro stations selling something, anything. It hurt to see the pain in their faces... this was in the mid-'90s.

    Andy: I echo your hope for bigger and better.

    Jim: You watched a different channel than I did. I WISH I could have seen tape of that.

  9. Gives me a good feeling when I see my traffic go in the dumper during a holiday. Makes me think, good, they're going out and having fun. Yeah, I'm like that tree in the Shel Silverstein story. Or Ferris Bueller after the credits roll. What're you still doing here? Go home!


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