Tuesday, January 03, 2012


If you like fireworks you should LOVE this... it's SPECTACULAR in full screen, 1080p HD!

It's a funny-strange thang, but I don't recall fireworks on New Year's Eve... at least on this scale... when I lived in Ol' Blighty.  The Beeb usually put their cameras in Trafalgar Square to capture the crazies cavorting in the fountains.  The Second Mrs. Pennington and I talked about goin' down there (T-Square) on New Year's Eve and joining in but we never did pull THAT trigger.  Good sense prevailed, thank The Deity at Hand.


  1. I went full screen~Beautiful display of fireworks.

    Thanks Buck.

  2. Thanks, Buck - I didn't see it live. Not a bad show.

  3. ss: I watched this all the way through at LEAST three times. Nice soundtrack, too.

    BP: You're welcome!


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