Sunday, January 29, 2012

In Today's Mail

This, from SN1:
Hey dad…

Just a quick story for you that goes with this pic:

Apparently this shirt isn't allowed to be worn by the forensics team now…

It seems one of the mothers on the team was shocked when she saw the back…she thought it said: fornicate.

So…because one woman can't read and has a dirty mind (not that that's a bad thing!), the kids can't wear what I think is a really cool shirt that Sean says is extremely comfortable.

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Thought you'd appreciate this...

Isn't that SPECIAL?

Update:  Frickin' Blogger.  You'd THINK Blogger and g-mail, both bein' horses from the same stable, would be able to talk to each other.  But noooo...


  1. Hey Buck, for some reason my netbook won't display the picture. I can't get it to reload, or "show picture."


  2. Just so everybody knows, that WAS two Andys with the same problem.

    Buck, I thought I had typed a request for you to e-mail the picture to me, please...but I guess I didn't.


    If you don't mind, and have time, I would appreshunate it!

  3. Yep! Now I can see it.

    Some people are
    Too retarded to reproduce.

    Yet they keep cranking 'em out. If I was the child of the moron I would be mortified.

  4. Andy: My reply to SN1:

    Don't you just hate it when that happens?

    Why, yes... Yes I DO! I think ALL of you forensics parents otta buy these shirts and wear 'em to the next tournament. Is what I think.

  5. Waitaminnit, I worked in forensics...I received training in forensics...taking a casual glance at something and leaping to a reckless conclusion about what it is, that's pretty much the opposite of what forensics is supposed to be.

    Am I right? Or has something been re-defined while I wasn't looking...

  6. I always thought it interesting that forensic could have two diverse meanings.

    Now it seems to have acquired a third.

  7. Morgan - I don't know, I just watch CSI a lot.

  8. I wish you people wouldn't be so niggardly with your comments..

  9. Morgan: I think you're thinkin' about criminal forensics, which is quite different than speech forensics. Google is yore friend...

  10. Remember the govt official who got into trouble with using that above comment, Buck? But I've got a Louisiana one. The Louisiana ANG unit (when they were equipped with F4/15s)called themselves the "Coonass Militia" (reflecting Cajun roots)with an emblem of a Raccoon flashing his rear-end and grinning over his shoulder. Sadly, when they were deployed to Luke AFB in AZ some black officer,knowing NOTHING of its derivation, complained about it being a "raaacist" slur and they were forced to change the name--first to "Cajun" Militia, then, fearing it STILL too un-PC "ethnic" the big kids at HQ AF, pressuring the Gov., forced them to change it to the generic "Bayou" Militia. The fact that the ANG unit had voluntarily chosen the name as a SOURCE OF LOCAL/REGIONAL PRIDE was totally lost on the PC crowd. Calling all cultural anthropologists & etymologists..

  11. I think you're thinkin' about criminal forensics, which is quite different than speech forensics. Google is yore friend...

    Actually, this was covered rather thoroughly in class and the GoogleGodz agree with it; forensics is about being on the right side of the argument by making sure the facts are with ye.

    1. Relating to, used in, or appropriate for courts of law or for public discussion or argumentation.
    2. Of, relating to, or used in debate or argument; rhetorical.
    3. Relating to the use of science or technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law.

  12. On update: Given my experiences with Blogger I'm THE LAST person on earth to give advise there, Buck, lol

  13. Virgil: In re: the Coonasses. That's a frickin' PC horror story, and I'm thinkin' you've barely scratched the surface. I REALLY think I've lived too fucking long.

    Morgan: I'm not tryin' to split hairs here, my point is simply the term forensics also applies to structured speech activities. And the point is somewhat special to me, bein' as how I lettered in forensics back in high school. It's also a great point o' pride that my kids and grandkids have both excelled in this endeavor. But the latter is neither here nor there.

  14. All women have dirty minds. Some of them just can't read, is all.

  15. Virgil, I guess I missed that one. But, I am not surprised.

    Occasionally, (not so much in the last couple of years) I'll offhandedly talk about some "coonass boy I knew," or some such thing.

    You would not believe the angry (well, not really "angry," more like "puzzled" e-mails I get from non-Louisianians. I have to go through a long explanation 'splaining the culture, the pride behind the term, etc.

    Actually, I probably stopped using the term because of the headache of informing the uninformed. I'll just use "Cajun" now. I guess I've given in, and now I'm PC.

  16. Some people - just need to get over themselves. And the people who react to them...need a kick in the ass or a 2X4 to the head to wake them up.

    The T-Shirt is damn funny; people who cave to the unreasonable whims and demands of the unreasonable are not funny.

  17. sale: I think you're pretty much correct on the "dirty minds" thang... at least in my experience.

    Kris: Yeah, I don't know who's worse... the complainer or the administration that didn't have the balls to say STFU and get outta here.

  18. Coonass -- not a problem in southeast Louisiana. Usually. But, just put a forensicate shirt on a kid . . .

    I second your idea for the parents to wear the shirts!


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