Friday, December 09, 2011

Your Hockey Red Wings Update...

It's been a while, hasn't it?  Part o' the reason it's been a while is the Beloved Wings came down off a seven-game winning streak by losing two in a row, one to the once-hated-but-now-mostly-pitied-Avs and the other to the resurgent Blues, both games being lost in the opponents' barns.  But the Wings came back home to The Joe last evening and played a game that had us rolling around on the couch in glee.  A lil blurb from
DETROIT – One of Mike Babcock's most common catch phrases is about "starting on time" it's another way of saying a good start to the game by his Detroit Red Wings would be just fine by their coach.

What happened on Thursday night at Joe Louis Arena took it to the extreme. Either the Red Wings started really early or the Phoenix Coyotes were still a time zone or two away. Regardless, Detroit ended a two-game losing streak by scoring early and often in a five-goal first period that paved the way to a 5-2 victory against the stunned Coyotes.
You just don't see that many goals in a single period, or at least you don't see it all that often.  SN1 and I were on the phone for the last three goals and it's serious understatement when I say I was rolling around in glee... we both were.  There ain't nuthin' like a blow-out to ease the pain o' back-to-back losses.


Hockey is a strange sorta game in that almost ANY team can win on any given night, given the parity in the league nowadays.  Well, except for Columbus, mebbe.  There's NO hope there.


  1. I can just picture you and SN1 rolling gleefully. A good stompin' is always fun.

  2. Yeah... we laughed a LOT, Lou.


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