Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wonders Never Cease

What HP said they'd do, on 12/06/2011:

What they actually did (about 15 minutes ago):

Good on 'em, eh?  I think I know how I'm gonna spend the rest o' my day.  Mebbe.  I say "mebbe" coz I'm dreading the restore process, having acquired one of those tee shirts about a year ago.  This chore may or may not be performed immediately... and there's also the fact that I just now poured my second cup.  It ain't smart to do stuff like this when one isn't fully caffeinated.


  1. I usually just yank the drive out of the old PC and mount it as the E: or F: (or whatever letter I'm at) in the new 'puter. 'Cuz I also hate the restore dealie.

    But then again, your drive was giving you that "I could crap out any time now" warning so I 'spose doing it the Hard Way is the right course of action.

  2. The drive in the old peesee DID fail, Inno. I have no choice...

  3. Jesse is getting a new computer. Toby needs a new laptop. I think I need a Kindle. I'm so jealous of everyone.

  4. You DO need a Kindle. They're down to $79.00 now...


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