Thursday, December 15, 2011

And He Uses It, Too


  1. And Rick Perry wanders through the woods wearing his Brokeback Mountain jacket...

  2. Not that I'm all that fired up about Newt, but man, the more I hear Romney talking lately, the more put off I am by him.

    He was on the radio the other day whining about Newt's comments, at first I thought it was some Obummer spokesman.

    Romney just isn't appealing to a lot of voters, and while I would pull the lever for Bozo over Obummer, Romney would be hard to vote for. As tough as voting for McLame was.

  3. I'm voting with my Feet15 December, 2011 16:17

    The problem with fatso, is he doesn't have a quality message. He is all over the map pissing various factions off, and you know sooner or later he will get to your tribe.

    Who cares if the Palestinians are an invented people! It's the primaries you stupid fuck. Get a piece of paper, find six good things, and stick with that message.

    The Presidents are elected by the people who vote. Those people are old ladies in retirement homes. Less than 10% of all other Americans vote.

  4. Newt is not going to get the women's votes on his looks - that is for sure.


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