Thursday, December 15, 2011

I MIGHT Have Learned Sumthin' Today

My Inner Eight-Year-Old was insistent with his nagging today and we blew off configuring the new box in favor of a rare outdoor Happy Hour.  Rare... for this time o' year... I should add.  So I shot the video below... since v-logging is all the rage these days, or so I've read in other places.  And who am I to disregard the trendy and the topical?

We had some issues with this vid.  First of all, there was no sound when I viewed the vid locally.  At first I thought that was coz I also had Pandora goin' on my phone and the phone mutes Pandora when you switch to the video camera.  So I naturally thought ALL audio was muted... but NO!  The Tube o' You picked up the audio just fine.  And then there was the video orientation... I shot in portrait mode but the vid came out in landscape, which means I look like I'm layin' on my side.  But the Tube o' You came to the rescue yet again, with their editing tools that let you flip the vid 90 degrees.  This ain't technology... it's MAJIK.

So the net-net is I get a letter-box video.  NEXT time we shall shoot phone vids in landscape and won't have these issues.  I don't wanna hear stuff about fanboi phones and how they get this stuff right without intervention or external processing.  Coz it's a case of "Fanboi phones?  FANBOI PHONES?  We don't NEED no steenkin' fanboi phones!"


  1. You are still sideways, but I held my head tilted and watched anyways. Do 8 year-olds smoke cigars and drink beer?

  2. Looks like you had a nice day there.
    I was going to ask the same question that Bag Blog did :)

  3. Andy doesn't seem to have any of those problems. Just sayin'.

  4. Evidently The YouTube finished correcting it.

    Buck, the FANBOI phone does the same thing if you shoot in portrait instead of landscape. I mean, it doesn't publish sideways...but the image is cropped on both sides after upload.

    After my first attempt, I realized ya' had to do it landscape/horizontal/whatever.

    Good quality on that thar cammer!

    Take a vid of your neighbor lady next time. Just a suggestion.

  5. I remember smoking cigars and drinking beer when I was eight years old, didn't much care for either at the time. But that didn't stop me.

  6. First Andy, and now U with the V-logging. U (and Andy too) are most eloquent and visually interesting (I struggled to get the right words there!) in the V-logging mode--so much so that I fear I may never try it myself, even though I'm the proud new owner of a Sony Bloggie. Keep up the great vids but don't abandon the written word at which you also excel.

  7. Your inner eight-year-old must have picked up his perversions in the same places my inner eight-year-old picked up his.

  8. Do 8 year-olds smoke cigars and drink beer?

    Some do, Lou & ss. The precocious ones, anyhoo.

    Dave: Oh, no?

    Andy: I don't think the neighbor would agree to what I have in mind as subject matter.

    Skip: I remember bugging my GI bus driver for a plug of his chewing tobacco when I was eight. I haven't been that sick since. True story.

    Dan: You could do it!! Really!

    Jim: Our past lives seem to have a lot in common. ;-)


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