Friday, December 16, 2011

Didja Watch It?

I have no stomach for the "debates," or the soundbite parade, or the "lookin' for the gotcha moment," or whatever you want to call what these gotdamned sideshows have evolved into this year.  It's all I can do to read reasonable commentary about the event... actually watching the thangs would be a bridge waaay too far, as even the day-after soundbites irritate the piss outta me. 

No mention of the debates would be complete without my UCR rant against Fox: NO Red Eye last night, just a re-run of the sideshow.  I hate-hate-HATE them for that.


  1. I suppose if it was actually a debate, I might be interested.

    v-word = shnod

  2. I watched a little of the "debate" last night, just enough to see Bachman take down the Ron of Paul. That part was worth the time spent. Sorry they messed up your Red Eye replay; I don't know why they feel like it's necessary to show it again and replace a show that has a loyal following. BTW, on the hockey front, the Preds Shea Weber led a take down of another kind against that team from Detroit last night. And have you seen Weber's trick shot on Youtube? I don't have a link but check it out.

  3. Dan's Preds are on a roll. Just the other night they beat my Flames too.

  4. Ivan: Your point is VERY well-taken.

    Dan: Your boys stole last night's game; they were outplayed the entire night. The lucky bounces happen in hockey, which is one of the reasons I love the game. But not so much when it's MY team that suffers from the lucky bounce.

    Deb: Who HASN'T beaten the Flames? ;-)


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