Friday, December 09, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXXVII

Two days in a row, this broadening thang.  Today it's a Sammy Adams Chocolate Bock (rated "B" at BA) which is included in a 12-pack of winter seasonal ales I picked up today.  Like this:

Yeah, I know.  I made a beer run yesterday but the local likker locker didn't have the seasonal "Winter Classics" 12-packs (which includes two each of the above plus two Old Fezziwig Ales, two Black & Brews, two Winter Lagers, two Holiday Porters, and two Boston Lagers) and Wally-World did.  Go figger on that one, eh?  But... in this neck o' the woods ya gotta jump on these thangs while ya can, coz ya never know how long they'll be around or even if they'll come back once the first round is gone.

As for the beer itself?  I give it a B+... mebbe even an A-.  Hearty, tasty, full-bodied, and warming... a perfect accompaniment to one of those Drew Estate Cafe con Leches I got in the mail the other day.  And I mean PERFECT.


  1. But can you taste the chocolate? :)

  2. Sorry...the name of the brew turned my stomach. Of course, I'm not much of a chocolate fan, so I'm disposed to an anti-bias.

    Have you tried a Snow Cap from Pyramid. Drank it for the first time on Thanksgiving, and it became my new favorite winter brew.

  3. You DON'T like chocolate, Dave? Wow. Who'd a thunk it? As for the Snow Cap, we don't get much Pyramid stuff around here. I've never seen it... but I'll keep my eye out.

  4. Choc Bock looks pretty good. Speakin' of, Toby bought some Okie Choc beer the other day.


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