Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Oh, NOES! They Just Keep Comin' Out o' the Woodwork!

"Get some settlement money."


  1. Well that does it for me! I was not so sure about these women's reports about Cain, but Sunny convinced me that it was all real.

    Though I'm still trying to figure out how that bimbo... errr... lady would stay in the car after Cain reached betwixt her legs, touched her genitals, and pushed her head down to his manhood.

    But never mind that, or the 5th one who said she was uncomfortable leaving Cain alone with the woman then having the nerve to order 2 $400 bottles of wine and leave them stuck with the bill. The cad!

    Magic wordy thingy... fradom must be something to do with the changing rights in this country.

  2. OMG~I was just sexually harassed thru my computer screen.
    Where do I sign up?

  3. I'll say it again, "I love this chick."

    Don't tell my wife.


  4. Buck, if you don't stop "exposing" me to the likes of Sunny I'm gonna start having the kind of dreams that endangers marriages--especially when I've been known to talk in my sleep--so enough of that broad! I cannot help myself--CANNOT avert my eyes from that demure little hausfrau with the obviously, ABSOLUTELY filthy mind!

    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful!"

    --------Mae West

    wv: heroc--as in takes heroic efforts to avert ones eyes & ears.. LOL

    PS: For all the females who read here? Yes, I AM a sexist pig--and TOTALLY unrepentant..

  5. PPS: "...and TOTALLY unrepentant."

    It's more fun that way..

  6. Anon: I think I'd be a LOT more pissed about bein' stuck with the bill than bein' sexually harassed.

    ss: Gloria Allred might be interested in your case.

    Lou: Yup!

    Andy: Mum's the word around here.

    Virgil: I'm thinkin' along the same lines as you. Well... projecting along the same lines.


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