Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Harley Riders...

...ain't too very smart.

(h/t to Occasional Reader Deb for this and other images)


  1. Ahhh, always enjoy a nice little jab at the Harley crowd.

  2. That's me, Buck. Andy. Trying to get logged in the right way, after realizing that my profile was still linking my comments back to my old blogger page.

  3. That dude is in for a world of serious hurt. Proper clothing is sooo important.

    R o a d R a s h.

  4. Deb: No... thank YOU.

    Andy: You changed your alias.

    Darryl: Yeah... "dress for the slide, not the ride."

  5. Andy: Your second comment wasn't here when I wrote my response. Frickin' Blogger.

  6. "Frickin' Blogger" WBAGNFA... ahfugeddabotit!

    v-word = antal Hmmmmmmm!

  7. I'm guessing he thinks because he is so well padded already, he doesn't need no silly protection.

    That would scare the hell out of me if I saw him doing that while I was driving next to him.

  8. Looks like a future bone donor to me!

  9. Killin' me...

    Not all Harley riders are like this...just as not all sport bike riders roll down the interstate at 75-80, doing wheelies...

    But he is on a Road Glide...that's your problem...



  10. Skip: Yeah, I agree... "And Now... the FRICKIN' BLOGGERS!!!

    Anon: That would scare me, too. I get the creeps just lookin' at the picture.

    Kris, Ed, & Lou: Yeah, agreed.

    Buck: I thought you might have some thoughts in this space. As for "...not all sport bike riders roll down the interstate at 75-80, doing wheelies..."

    We don't? err... didn't?

  11. Hey, I just bought myself one of those Harley things. :)

  12. Sorry, but I'll let him win on that one :)


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