Monday, November 07, 2011

From the In-Box

An Occasional Correspondent sends along the following...
'I haven't left my house in days.
I watch the news channels incessantly.
All the news stories are about the election;
All the commercials are for Viagra and Cialis.
Election  -  erection  -  election  - erection
- - - either way we're getting fucked!' 

-- Bette Midler.
You GO, Bette!

I haven't left the house in hours but I'm getting ready to motor over to The Big(ger) City™ to give The Green Hornet a bath and see if the Clovis MVD is more user-friendly than their P-Ville counterpart.  We've assembled a few pieces of paper with our Social Security number emblazoned prominently thereupon (plus other required pieces of Very Important Paper) and we shall attempt to do what must be done without an actual Social Security card... for the fun that should be in it and to satisfy our misguided need to tilt at windmills.  If this second effort fails I'll admit defeat and go from the MVD to the Social Security office to get the requisite letter.  But until that time it'll be "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more..."

Update, 1430 hrs:  Success!

Well, sorta.  The Green Hornet is registered and titled in New Mexico but I still don't have a New Mexico driver's license, seein' as how I failed the inter-agency check.  It further seems like I owe the state of New Yawk 25 Yankee Dollars for failing to return the NY license plates on ECMdP when I registered her in Texas back in 1999.  And New Yawk will NOT be denied what she is owed.  It only took me 24 minutes and 16 seconds of working through IVR Hell to reach a person who (a) knew what the problem was (all I got from the NM MVD was "call this number, you failed.") and (b) gave me explicit instructions on where to go and how to rectify the problem.  Oh, and give 'em 48 to 72 hours after I pay the fine to fix all the records.

Oh and BTW... I got all this done at the P-Ville MVD.  The lady there was very nice and professional after she consulted Higher Headquarters to find out that, yes, a USAF ID and a Medicare card would suffice for proof of Social Security.

Yays!  We WIN!  For once.  Sorta.


  1. I hope you have better luck in Clovis. Years ago when trying to get my passport, I had a similar experience here in OK. I went to TX to get my passport without any problemas.

  2. As much fun as poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick, sorta. Beer yourself for the win, anyway.

    Like the new plate. LZP 703 -- it rhymes!

  3. Lou: As noted we ignored the best advice of those smarter than ourselves and went back to the P-Ville office, where we were (sorta) successful.

    Red: I did, in fact, beer myself liberally in celebration. And now it's time for a nap.

  4. Glad to hear everything is sorta taking care of.

    That Green Hornet takes alot of baths :-)

  5. whoohoo! Jennifer must have been working today at the pville mvd/dmv.

  6. Ridgecrest CA DMV in January of 2010.. Argument ensued. Blue ID is good as a proof of being me. The ladies all apologized to The Old Retired Petty Officer......

  7. Buck, I see that NM has changed the color of their plates in recent years.

    Time marches on.

    Ain't covered parking grand?

    I probably told you this, but if not...I did not have a social security card until I was 51 years old. Oh, I'm sure I got one when I was a kid starting out in the work force. But, it was LONG GONE. Had to have one when I got a real job to supplement my under the radar existence.

    I'm proud of you that you persevered, and didn't give in!

  8. Frustrating! Glad it is beginning to work out.

    We as a people are losing our freedoms bit by bit to the gubmint union mandarin's who control our daily existence.

    I can see a time in the future where I consider dropping totally off the grid and live like a homeless person. Not only are the homeless a protected victim class; But they are truly free.

    As Dennis Miller once said, "The American voter is as frustrated as a choking victim at a Christian Science Convention."

    w/v: minglo (Clouseau requesting the song "Moonglow"?)

  9. Ed: I've been "almost there" my whole life.

    That Green Hornet takes alot of baths :-)

    That's coz she gathers a lot o' dust, ss. NEVER buy a dark car in the SW.

    Jenny: They don't have nameplates or name tags over that way for very good reasons, I assume. ;-)

    Glenn: I've never had anyone say the Blue ID wasn't good as ID, but they HAVE told me it wasn't proff of a SS number. And no apology, either.

    Andy: I had a choice between the old yellow plates or the new turquoise. I think the new plates look better on my car.

    Speaking of SS cards... I can't figger out how I got hired back in 2000, in SFO fer gawdsakes, without an SS card. Mebbe the old Blue ID worked for the HR folks at my old company.

    Darryl: It's pretty hard to drop off the grid completely, unless you have a substantial stash of Krugerrands buried somewhere.

  10. Yeha!. Those licenses plates are such a nice shade of blue - when did that happen? You owe NY in NM?? Maybe you should just move to TX.

  11. Huzzah! Score one for the good guys!

  12. Yes - one win over the DMV/MVD. It's no different here either; they are routinely viewed as small-minded people with just enough power to feel superior to the great unwashed waiting in line.

    I'm sure they are nice people outside of the office; but what is it with the DMV/MVD that turns them into shrill harpies and napoleon wannabe's.

    wv: phuckle Something you should never attempt when in flagrante delecto with the opposite sex. One thing at a time, please.

  13. Lou: I think the turquoise plates have been an option for a couple o' years now. And you KNOW Tejas was on my radar for a lot o' years. But: inertia. Alas.

    Jim: Yup. Doesn't happen often enough, tho.

    wv: phuckle Something you should never attempt...

    Heh. C'mon, Kris... you've NEVER laughed during the Ultimo? I have... at an appropriate time, of course. But you should NEVER laugh and point. ;-)


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