Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Sometimes we be lazy... and it's good to be able to go down the block to the local grocery store and pick up dinner and dessert in a bag.  Like this:

OK, so it ain't Weggies.  But then... what IS?


  1. Looks good to me..Hey save me a piece of that carrot cake.

  2. We have a Wegman's about 3 miles from our house, and we definitely take advantage of their prepared foods. With the Wife and I working, some nights just are too busy to bother cooking the full meals, and going out every night isn't going to happen.

    Their prepared meals are really, really good, and reasonable in price.


  3. I had to go to the link to find out what Wegman's was. Now I feel cheated.

  4. Ah, carrot cake! It is the only desert that always tells you what it is. There is never a carrot cake that doesn't have frosting carrots on top. So far as I know, no other desert feels the need to warn you about what's inside, but carrot cake is thoughtful concerning our feelings and goes out of its way to tell us, "Hey, I contain a vegetable!"

  5. I purchase those chickens quite often and save the carcasses for chicken stock. I don't think that's lazy at all, Buck.

  6. Dude, I'm wondering how many people clicked on the link and saw Wegman's and just thought, "What's the big deal, it's a grocery store, Buck." It's like saying "Guinness? It's just beer."

    If you never been to one, you'll never understand.

  7. Count me in the "Never been to one" crowd. And in the "I want to go to one" crowd.

  8. ss: It's goin' fast; you better get by here quick!

    Anon: There was a Wegman's right at the foot of my exit off of 104 in Webster. It was a rare night that I DIDN'T stop in there for dinner on the way home from work. I used to thank my lucky stars they existed and that the food was so good.

    Lou: See Small-Tee's comment, below. You can't possibly understand Wegman's unless you've been in Wegman's.

    Deb: Speaking of chicken stock... I threw out about four quarts of the stuff last week. But I hear ya.

    Kris: Yup! It was what's for breakfast, too. ;-)

    Small-Tee: Three things I DEARLY miss about Ra-cha-cha: Wegman's, MacGregor's, and the Dinosaur. All "best on class." And it ain't like I haven't been around the block a few times.

    Jim: Carrot cake is a close second to chocolate cake in my book.

    Andy: The first time I went into a Wegman's I was in the store for about an hour, jaw hangin' open. I'd never seen a grocery store like it... ever.

  9. Wegman's sounds like our Rouse's. We even have a wine bar/cooking school!

    Looks like the perfectly balanced meal to me! My late friend, JB, had 3 Rules of Travel. Number 3 was: in case of fire, always eat your dessert first. Did you follow the rule? ;)

    W/v: alasca. You coulda had some Baked Alasca with your carrot cake!

  10. I wasn't traveling, Moogie... so I ate dessert after dinner.

  11. Speaking of food: you've heard of McDonalds, but how about McDeath?

    The brains and fingers kind of make me hungry...



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