Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunny's Latest and Tunnels, Light At The End Of

Wherein she demonstrates how Stimulus works...

I'm in love.  I mean... LOVE.  She could cut up my tens and 20s any ol' time she wanted, in exchange for... wait.  Stop.  Let's not get carried away here.


In other news... we hit bottom and there's light at the end of our tunnel (metaphors: shaken, not stirred).  Which is to say we put in a good eight hours on the office this weekend, the end result being the entire floor is free of boxes, bags, and other debris.  The bookshelf is arranged (and full), the filing cabinet is organized (and full), and we put several bags of "stuff" out in the dumpster (which isn't full).  I can't believe how much useless crap I got rid of... like a MESS o' cables (audio, USB, ethernet, yadda, yadda), an old Zip drive and a slew of Zip disks (remember those?), still more old receipts and miscellaneous paper I held on to for NO good reason, an old Zagat SFO restaurant guide from 2001, and on, and on.  And on.  We still have one box to go through (which is in the closet and safely out o' sight but WILL be emptied by the end o' the day) and then we shall be DONE.  Officially moved-in and at home.

Yay me!


It's Christopher's Day and all you Feds have the day off, dontcha?  I never got this day off as a civilian... but I don't have to go to work today.  That's good, innit? 

And while we're on about the holiday thang, a very Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!


  1. I don't get the day off, so it's just another sucky Monday around here.

    You must be feeling the freedom & lightness of being unencumbered by useless crap now. Good for you.

    What are you going to do with all that free space? Might you have room for "Buck's Cigar Bar" now?

  2. Sunny is very funny. Did she say Jefferson rather than Jackson on the twenty dollar bill?

    I need to go through some things and get rid of junk - maybe tomorrow.

  3. I always worked in industries that operated no matter what. Holidays were something other people had. We just got an extra days pay. Ironically, many time it would move us up a tax bracket so we'd take home less for that pay period.

  4. Might you have room for "Buck's Cigar Bar" now?

    There's this lil problem of the "no smoking" clause in my lease. I'm complying with the clause for the moment, but it remains to be seen what will happen when winter arrives.

    I need to go through some things and get rid of junk - maybe tomorrow.

    Purging is good for the soul, Lou. But you have LOTS of other stuff on yer plate right now.

    Skip: I got one whole helluva lot more holidays while I was in the AF than I did on the outside. More vacation time, too!


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