Friday, October 14, 2011


This time it's in the "day late, dollar short" category... I got a phone call this morning from a very friendly lady at Golden Acres (no, not THAT lady) informing me (a) that I'd reached the top of their apartment list and would I like to make an appointment to swing by and (b) that they'd sent me a letter LAST WEEK that I failed to respond to.  Our conversation was brief but pleasant, wherein I explained I hadn't received her letter since the post office has been much less than efficient at forwarding my mail since I moved and that she should take me off her list, since I had moved, again.  "You've signed a lease, then?" she inquired and I replied in the affirmative.  So we were done.

That's that.  I could have been living in an apartment of equivalent size at literally half the cost had I not been so damned impatient.  I would have had to buy my own appliances but the ROI on that transaction would have been very quick in coming, my best guess being the appliances would have paid for themselves within a year or less.  But... I have the bennies of bein' a first-ever tenant in new construction and I'm not imposing on the gub'mint to subsidize my life any further than they already are, e.g., the Social Security and military pensions.  I think the latter is prolly the best aspect of this New Life as I know it.  I hope I feel that way next year when the rent goes up.

In the meantime... I think I need to go to the post office.  Again.


  1. I'm proud of you for not expecting the gub'mint to subsidize your life any further.

    There might be a little more freedom in your current apartment than Golden Acres. You can always move to Golden Acres when you're old.

    Are you going to be enjoying that big flank steak in front of that huge new tv tonight? ;-)

  2. You probably get better neighbors where you are at, and that is something important. Of course, you had been living in a trailer park...

  3. I'm all for welfare, but anyone with that big of a TV doesn't need any assistance (even if they stole it).

  4. You did the honorable thing. Save the subsidized housing for the folks who need it. There's no shame in needing it, but you don't.

  5. There is also the benefit of that neighborly neighbor lady that invited you out to drink and dinner.

    Plus, doesn't Golden Acres sound like a place where you go when nobody wants you? Kinda like the Golden Girls... or maybe the step before the last step.

    I think you will probably be enjoying this veranda, with a lovely lady neighbor a little more than possibly meeting up with Mabel. heh.

  6. I think everybody said what I was thinking. Sheesh! Who wants to live in a place called "Golden Acres?"

    Come on kids, let's go see Grandpa at the home...

    I think you made a fabulous decision, and I'm happy for you where you are semi-permanently parked right now.

  7. They have something like your "Golden Acres" near here. The Condo's are on the west side of the road, and the cemetery is on the east side. Funerals monthly. Condo's becoming available all the time :-)

    I suspect most would live another 5 years if they weren't so bored.

  8. Thanks, all y'all. I love validation. ;-)

  9. What everybody else said. Plus, there's a good chance that cigars would be on the "OMG NO!!!!!-Verboten" list.

  10. Moogie: There's a "no smoking" clause in my lease here. Which I'm observing as long as the weather remains nice. I dunno what I'll do when winter comes.


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