Friday, October 14, 2011


... was all that but no bag o' chips.  We didn't need a bag o' chips when we had this:

Out of the broiler

Dinner is served!
We got off to a rocky start this evening when we discovered our range isn't furnished with a broiler pan, the first such ever in my experience.  But that's OK, for we happened to know where a broiler pan was lurking, so we hastened over to ECMdP and retrieved it; crisis averted.  Everything after that was pretty much bid'niz as usual, and everything came together more or less on time and in the sequence desired.

We fixed enough for me and everyone who threatened in comments yesterday to drop by for dinner this evening.  But that's the normal state of affairs when you're cooking for one.  That's a Good Thing, though... tomorrow's dinner is just a matter of re-heating tonight's leftovers.  And we have a LOT of those.

Oh, yeah:  it was fucking GREAT!  And now it's time for After Dinner Whiskey Hour and some vintage Bowie.


  1. Must be lovely to cook in a real kitchen again.

    How you like that fancy induction cooktop?

  2. The black glass is a MAJOR PITA to keep clean, but it cooks well. I'd not recommend it to friends, just because of the level of effort required to keep it presentable.

  3. That black glass is hell to clean. Not that I would really know~ lol

    Everything looked perfect except where was the wine?

  4. I had one of those glass top stoves. The other problem, other than keeping it clean is that it gets scratched and then no amount of polishing and cleaning makes it look good.

    That meal looks fantastic. Wished I could have dropped by. The Sam Adams with it looks like a great match, though a nice red wine would do as well.

    That London Broil would make for great sandwiches as well as reheating for leftovers.

    I can pig out on steak anytime, just about everyday. Give me that protein overload till I moo!

  5. Everything looked perfect except where was the wine?

    In the marinade. ;-) But you're right, ss... I prolly shoulda bought a nice Cabernet.

    That London Broil would make for great sandwiches...

    An EXCELLENT ideer, Anon, especially since I have 3/4th of a loaf of left-over French bread... and I'd hate to throw ALL of it out.

  6. I just loe how you've become Mr. Chef de Cuisine de la Casa Inmovil de Pennington! Looks tasty indeed! And, I second that Cabernet notion.

  7. The desert Julia Child!
    Man, that looks good.

  8. That does look wonderful, except for the beets - what's up with that? I rarely use our broiler pan; we do most cooking on the grill outside. Clean up is so much easier.

  9. Moogie & Ed: Thank ya!

    Lou: I LIKE beets... they taste like the earth. Didn't you ever eat any dirt as a kid?

  10. Looks great!

    May I suggest disposable aluminum broiler pans in the future. Clean up is a whole lot easier.

  11. I can't even remember what we had for dinner Friday night, but it wasn't as good as your dinner...or I would have remembered it.

    I find myself dusting my black glass cooktop all the time -- like it's a piece of furniture. *sigh*

  12. In my comment above, I almost asked why anyone would want to eat dirt.

    VW: putta

  13. I was going to mention the beets, but someone beat me to it. To each his own. I like to eat turnip sandwiches, so who am I to argue?

  14. Anon: I didn't have any problems cleaning up... I just soaked the broiler pan overnight and Walla!! Clean!

    Red: I hear ya about the cook top. P-Ville is DUSTY, ergo I dust. A LOT.

    Lou and Jim: What did beets ever do to YOU?

  15. Jim, your comment should have read, "...someone 'beet' me to it."

    Buck, I didn't know anyone chose beets, I thought they were just something forced on you.

  16. That looks nice, but I will have to subtract 5 points for the knife blade facing away from the dish.

    Forks on the left of the plate, spoons and knives on the right.

    Minus 10 points for putting cutlery into a dish before the eater is seated. People must be allowed to examine their cutlery before use.

    Yes, you must eat with the fork in the left hand, and the knife in the right hand. When using a spoon, it is proper to have your left hand in your lap holding onto your napkin, and not make slurping noises.

    Left handed people should be placed at the ends of the table, nearest the fire and the masters dog.


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