Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It Ain't Funny Anymore

Two from the Usual Source about the OWS "protesters"...

I dunno about you, Gentle Reader, but I'm sick to death of these asshats, the people making excuses for them, and the media coverage.  Their 15 minutes is UP; it's time for the tear gas and rubber bullets.

In other news... I had mentioned in passing a couple o' weeks ago that my new satellite teevee provider didn't have PBS in their channel line-up.  Turns out I was wrong about that, as I happily discovered last evening.  I was looking for the Portales PBS station... KENW... and it ain't there, still.  But I DO have PBS out of Amarillo, which is a Good Thing, and it only took me a little less than three weeks to find it.  The bad news is the station is on Central Time, which means I have to recalibrate my internal clock and watch McNeil-Lehrer (I know, but that's what it still is to ME) at 1700 hrs instead of 1800 hrs.  Same-o, same-o for all my other faves.  But Hey! there will be much more teevee at El Casa Inm├│vil de Pennington in future; we're Happy Campers now.  For the moment.


  1. ...rubber... bullets?

    Go hard and go home.

    Obviously I am in total agreement with you Buck. These pantywaists are a bunch of sobbing asshats who just want everything handed to them, without working for one minute to get it.

    I read earlier today that they plan to continue their "occupation" thru the winter months if needs be.

    All that time - they could be getting a job and getting on with their lives. Instead they'd rather whine and belly-ache about what they don't have; when in fact what they don't have it a freaking clue.

    You can't fix stupid; time to put them out of our collective misery.

  2. ...they could be getting a job and getting on with their lives.

    It's pretty hard to get a job with a degree in Womyns Studies or some other such BS degree. Those asshats should be camped out on the lawn of the major universities, demanding their money back. "Occupy Harvard/Yale/Columbia" would make more sense.

  3. I've wondered, since the Occupy Boston thing began a couple weeks ago, what will happen when the temps drops below freezing and there is solid precipitation. Anything that denies me seeing that pisses me off aesthetically.

  4. >>>what will happen when the temps drops below freezing and...

    Personally, I'm hoping one of them passes out and gets hamburgered by a snowplow.

  5. At lunch today, I happened to ask Toby what the Wall St. protestors were protesting. He said that there was lots to be angry about, but that he didn't really know. My response was that if the protestors were upset with Wall St. for getting us into the banking and housing failures causing the government bailouts and downfall of the economy and thinking someone should go to jail for fraud, then I understood. But why didn't they protest three years ago when the shinola hit the fan? I don't think the protestor are that smart. It seems to me they are just protesting that some people have money and others do not. Smells a lot like the socialism they teach in college.

  6. DVR, baby! The best invention since sliced bread. We seldome watch anything live anymore. Except ball games. But then we have automatic instant replay!

  7. Who's paying these organizers?
    Bring on the teargas!

  8. "...it's time for the tear gas and rubber bullets."

    I was thinking more along the lines of a pack of German Shepards trained to eat smelly hippies.....but that would probably constitute animal cruelty...the dogs, I mean...not the hippies.

  9. Scooney said it right. According to this...


    ...some of them are being paid.

  10. Jim: I'm with Inno.

    Lou: I agree with you. Not only does this smell like socialism, it also smells a lot fishy, too.

    Jenny: The built-in instant replay is to DIE for... especially in hockey, where everything happens SO fast.

    Ed: I'm pretty sure Soros has some skin in this game.

    Anon: Dogs would be good.

    Dan: Thanks for the link. You just knew there was sumthin' rotten in Denmark.


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