Friday, October 28, 2011


"Leverage.  Portfolio.  Fiduciary."  Heh.


  1. My father had a fragrance he enjoyed, it was called Ale.

    I had to gasp for breath as I rolled him over after he passed out on my bed to Leverage $5 out of his wallet for my personal portfolio.

    I still have his drivers license I stole in 1969 so he wouldn't drive anymore. It is held as fiduciary duty.

  2. Buck/

    LOL. That must be a new ad campaign, no? Is it strictly a viral You-Tube marketing strategy, or not? I haven't seen it on TV--either on cable or the maj. networks. Where did you find it? Great ad, tho..

  3. Not being a scotch man, I must confess...I didn't get it.

    Maybe I'm just being obtuse this morning.

  4. Anon: Fiduciary duty? Or moral duty?

    Virgil: I snagged the vid from the Guardian's weekly list on their PDA blog.

    Dave: You otta give Scotch a whirl sometime.

  5. Pretty good commercial! I have two new favorite commercials. One is the Audi ad where one couple says something about loving the Vemeers in the other couple's home, but the other couple does not have a clue - they just "found those old paintings in the attic and liked the color."

    The other commercial is the Volkswagen ad where the two guys learn Spanish on their road trip.


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