Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Ready For Spook Nite

How d'ya like me so far?  I think it's an improvement over the usual me.

You can do this too... and here's a brief vid about how.


  1. Pretty ghoulish! I may just have to try this!

  2. Ghoulish *and* it looks like you lost a hockey fight. I like it.

  3. Does this put the bloom back on the Google+ rose? :-)

    I haven't had the time to play with anything on my computer lately. I'm envious of your Type A night hours & sleeping thru half the day.

  4. Do you have your candy ready for the kiddies?

  5. You skeerd me :-)

    That's a Cool feature.

  6. Moogie & Inno: Thks.

    Lou: I haven't bought any candy yet. I may not.

    Red: I actually LOOKED at G+ yesterday, but that was about all. You can do the photo thing from any of your Google accounts, including Blogger.

    ss: It is kinda cool... and a lot easier than P-Shop.

  7. I've got to say, the dentist did a wonderful job on those implants, Buck.

  8. Hamateur!!!!

    I just now figured it out for my Halloween. I'm going as a liberal. With a deepish sort of voice and weird laugh for each passing of the candy and inviting them to help themselves to my irradiated nuclear candy fresh from Japan, the eating of which will open them up to demonic forces that will rip them apart once eaten.

    I'll probably save that for the high school kids. I live across the road from our elementary school and high school. I expect them in force.

    Other than that, the only blood will be real blood on the forehead, left side of my nose (God knows why), ride side of the head, left lower arm, right lower arm and left knee. Picture this, Halloween with the host wearing just shorts and a short sleeved shirts. I'll shiver their timbers!

    OK, that fall was a couple of days OK so all they'll see are mostly scabs. Kids being, we'll compare probably. It's been a long time between Halloweens.

  9. Saaayyyy....that IS quite an improvement,'ll have all the "Goth" S&M femme-fatales fighting and/or lusting all over you, lol.

  10. Curtis: How did ya fall? I hope it wasn't sumthin' like a bike crash, but it sure sounds like it.

    Virgil: Goth and me DON'T get on. ;-)

  11. Oh it is almost too humiliating to relate how I climbed two steps up my back porch stairs to remove a fallen branch off my telephone line hit the vertigo button and fell into my own driveway. I'd have only half the wounds if I hadn't bounced. I literally got both sides. My neighbors who I was talking to at the time were very polite and did not point and laugh.

  12. Holy crap! I've been tied up, and missed this yesterday. Blogging on my break...don't tell the boss. But hell, it's my break, so go ahead and tell him.

    I'm doing this spook deal when I get home.

    BTW, you look like you won the hockey fight to me.

  13. Oh yeah, I forgot...

    Well, crud.

    I started to tell you what I forgot. But, now I can't remember.

    Man, I need to keep a note pad with me or something.

    Oh yeah, now I remember. "Spook nite?" That's RAAAAACIST!


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