Wednesday, October 19, 2011


From the Usual Source...

A hat-tip to one of the big stories in yesterday's news, of course.  EIP: a day late and a dollar short.  Always.


  1. "I had my Macbook stolen, that was like $5500."

    Say, what?

  2. Oh, the irony. An 18 year old with a MacBook which, quite clearly, she did not purchase herself. Which must means that she lives at home and it was bought by mommy & daddy.

    I have no problem with that; my parents paid for my stuff too, including my college education. That is what your parents do until you can do for yourself.

    I do have a problem with little miss macbook protesting what other people have earned in their lives without ever having done the same thing for herself.

  3. Okay, that is pretty darn ironic. Don't the OWS want to share with those less fortunate - give up something they worked hard (or was given to them) to get?

  4. I was thinking the same thing, regarding the irony of these paid protesters crying when they get ripped off, when they are looking for free handouts.

    I was also thinking, what exactly did they expect from such a group as they were members of? They want things handed to them, so doesn't it stand to reason that some of their group just took their handouts from fellow whiners.

    It cracks me up that they have all these expensive cameras, macbooks, whatever, yet they are looking for handouts from the government. Do they honestly think that under a socialist regime they would get any such things? In the old USSR, the people were desperate for crappy jeans from the US, simply because they couldn't be had. This idiots seem to think that if they cry enough they too will be living in mansions. Right. That was exactly what the USSR did. Only they forget those palaces were lived in by many people, rooms divided up according to the number of people in your family, and space was a premium.

    When the youth and the libs keep thinking like this, it really makes you wonder why do we bother to "educate" our youth. Somewhere the lessons are missing.

  5. And they try to compare themselves to the Tea Party. I'm not surprised that when a bunch of unwashed crybabies get together, that crime follows them.

    They caught a felon with a rifle at the OWS in Seattle the other day. There have also been reports of sexual assault one of the other locations (I don't recall where).

    Quality people there...

  6. What the others said. I chuckled about the Mac...and the fact that she's an 18 year old "legal and kitchen volunteer."

    Probably never even worked at McDonalds...and she's just barely legal...just half-legal really.

  7. In re: that MacBook. That was the subject of a LOT o' conversation elsewhere, mostly speculation the doofus inflated its value for insurance claim purposes. But I agree with what all y'all said, in spades.


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